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Walk around the island - 10 Saturdays with Walking Ibiza

Join us for 10 Saturdays to Walk Around The entire coastline of our beautiful Island!

Cada sábado desde 17 oct 2020 hasta 19 dic 2020
Desde: 08:00

Dónde: Senderismo | Walking Ibiza

As part of our 10 year anniversary celebration, we have decided that instead of the 12 day Around The Island Adventure that we normally organise twice a year, we are now organising a Walk Around The Island on 10 consecutive Saturdays (260 kms in total).

You can join us for all of the 10 days, or decide to join only a few.

The price for 1 walk is €40, including Toby as your guide, one of Sheila's amazing homemade energy bars to keep you going along the way and transport at the end of the day back to the starting point. You will need to provide your own water, snacks and lunches. If you book all 10 walks you only pay for 8!

For more information, reservations and other excursions head to their official website.

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