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Festes Cala Llonga

The small resort on the east coast celebrates its patron saint with a weekend full of music and activities.

viernes 14 ago 2020, sábado 15 ago 2020, domingo 16 ago 2020
Dónde: Cala Llonga, Ibiza

On Saturday, 15 August, Cala Llonga celebrates Asunción de la Virgen, its patron saint, but the festive program includes a lot of activities between Friday and Sunday.

There are musical performances in different bars and restaurants, the traditional sand castle contest, a vintage car parade and more.

On Sunday the Fiesta ends with drive-in cinema on the parking next to the La Vela restaurant. Admission is free but a prior reservation is required at The film that will be screened is 'Yesterday', a comedy by Danny Boyle about a composer who is the only person who remembers The Beatles. The screening can be followed in the original version in English or dubbed into Spanish and a maximum of four people per vehicle will be allowed.

Friday 14 August

• 16.00 h Bar Mariposa - music by Mardy Johnny Depps

• 17.00 h Bar Can Nuts - music by Song Collectors

• 18.30 h Rest. Regina - music by Pin-Up Sound

• 19.00 h Moos salada - music by Richard Sharp

• 20.30 h Flippers - music by Yves & Susanna

• 21.00 h Bar Toni Kovacs - music by La Locanda

• 22.00 h Basoa Cocktail Bar - music by Café Olé

Saturday 15 August

• 10.30 h Exhibition: Swimming in open waters (from the Club Nautico de Santa Eulalia)

• 11.00 h Sand castle competition on the beach

• 12.30 h Mass in the Chapel of the Virgin of the Assumption

• 13.30 h Parade of vintage motorcycles through the streets of Cala Llonga

• 19.00 h Parade with traditional carriages

• 20:00 h Storytelling for children with Encarna de las Heras, on the beach (in Spanish)

• 21:00 h Concert on the beach with the group Solpost

• 22.00 h Concert on the beach with the group AYKYA

Sunday 16 August

• 14.30 h Rest. L'altre Balagar - music by Double M

• 16.00 h Bar La Cacatúa - music by David Vincent

• 17.00 h Bar Amigos - music by Paul Powell (Hot Ice)

• 18.30 h Piscina Ses Veles - music by Pere Navarro for the Freshly People

• 19.00 h Quiosco Hollywood - music by The Groovy Brothers

• 19.00 h Bar Baronesas - music by Guajiro Blues

• 19.30h Rest. El Pinar - music by Soul Doctor

• 20:00 h Rest. S.O.S - music by Querencia

• 21:00 h Bar S'Aroma - music by Shakatribe

• 21.30 Bar Ca Na Francesca - music by Acústico Marc Riera

• 21.30 Rest. Espárragos - music by Pedro Chacho

• 22.30 Autocine "Yesterday" (on the parking next to the La Vela restaurant). Reservation needed:

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