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Fantasy made art in Ibiza

Children's fiction in multi-art forms

The P | Art Ibiza gallery in Ca Na Negreta, just outside of Jesús, will be putting on a new exhibition to celebrate its second birthday with an exhibition that brings to life classic tales from children's fiction, bringing fantasy to art form this Saturday 28 November.

The exhibition, entitled "Érase una vez...” or “Once Upon a Time...” in English, will recreate classic fictional stories and characters with works from various artists that include paintings, photography and sculpture.

The event is open to the public and takes place in the gardens of the gallery starting at 6.30pm, with journalist Chelo García Cortés serving as master of ceremonies. There will be a play area with toys for young kids too, so it really will be an event for the whole family. The renowned Italian artist Rossella Milencio will be giving a live performance, recreating some of Spain's most famous Disney stories in sand.

Many artists that are new to the gallery will be taking part including names like Margarita Kareva, Natalie Shau, Renato Marcialis, Ninon Van Der Sande and Maya Almeida. Many artists have created works specicically for this show and include Miguel Angel, Garcia Lopez, Ben Foster, Valérie Marty and Claire Fontana.

The gallery was created as a place for artists to collaborate and also bring their creativity to the fore by using whichever artistic medium they deem the best to express different themes and ideas. The artists use various different art forms in this show, including photography, fashion, painting and artisanally-made objects. The founders also wanted to create a creative stage that reflected the spirit of Ibiza for use by local artists and those from across Europe, the Americas and Asia.

This exhibition is intended to allow us to explore fantastical children's stories and how they allow us to travel into different parts of space and time in our imaginations.

Curator Patrizia Longarini believes these stories open up our subconscious to the belief that anything and everything is possible. She says: “We believe in the union of two worlds: the real and the fantastic, and we wanted to recreate for all those who visit this new exhibition, the feeling of having gone back to their childhood.”

You'll see some of your favourite childhood stories as art in this new exhibition and if you miss the opening, you can still catch the it during normal opening times from Monday to Saturday between 10am to 2pm and 4.30pm to 8.30pm. Go and relive your childhood fantasies expressed through some exciting art.

WORDS | Julian Heathcote

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