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Cinema in Ibiza

Let's go to the movies

Despite Sky, Netflix, player and other streaming options allowing us to watch movies in the comfort of our own home, there is still something special about going to the cinema.The truth is that going to the movies can be a magical activity. The big screen, surround sound, the smell of popcorn, the presence of other people enjoying the film, all these factors combine to create a special atmosphere.

In Ibiza, as with many things, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to cinema options. The creative and innovative film industry here entice customer with their unique options. Here are some of the ways you can experience a great movie night in Ibiza.

Outdoor pop-up cinema

During my childhood holidays in Spain, I used to go to the summer cinemas or cinema “al fresco” with an exciting bag of unpronounceable sweets.

Thanks to the revival of all things retro, outdoor cinema is back in Ibiza and has had an upgrade. This fantastic cinema under the sky comes with the style, comfort and luxury you would expect in Ibiza. The scene is set beautifully with bean beds for you to stretch out on, small low tables, candles, and food and drink. The company Lime in the Coconut, who organise these special outdoor cinema events, got so excited about creating the perfect cinema experience that they designed and developed their own set of bean beds. Comfy, cosy and cool, the outdoor cinema is at different venues throughout the year, including the following:

Amante Beach Club offer movies on their private beach from 11pm. The Beach Club location offers an exclusive intimate screening experience surrounded by dramatic rocks and greenery. You will find the Amante Beach Club on a cliff overlooking the Sol D'en Serra bay.

In addition to these locations, there are plans for the local government in Ibiza town to organise outdoor cinema screenings at Dalt Vila in July and August. Watching a movie at this historical UNESCO heritage site is nothing but spectacular. After this, going the movies may never be the same again! **events still TBC

If you really want an exclusive experience, you can bring the outdoor cinema to you. This allows you to decide when, where and what movie.

Black Door Cinema Club

For those who love independent movies, the Black Door cinema club is a members only film club. The Black Door cinema club holds its screenings at an art gallery in Ibiza town. The cinema set up is intimate, with red velvet curtains, and a fabulous lounge bar. You will want to be there in advance to enjoy the atmosphere of this trendy space. Although membership is free, you do have to reserve your tickets in advance. Get there early and enjoy the bar, likely to be buzzing with people enjoying pre-film drinks. Note the start time of the film as doors close 15 minutes before the film starts. The Black Door cinema club is definitely a quirky experience worth trying.

Film tickets are pre-book only and not available at the door. Book online here

Address: Calle Aragon 62, Ibiza Town.

Hot Tub Cinema

Ever been to the movies in your swimming costume? It´s an interesting concept, and in Ibiza, nothing surprises us! The Hot Tub cinema is a pop up event screening in a variety of locations across the UK and Ibiza. Ibiza Rocks Hotel is the location for this unique cinema venue. After the movie guests can continue the evening with music from Ibiza Rocks DJs.

You can either buy a ticket for one and share the hot tub with what will surely be new friends, or rent the whole hot tub for yourself and invite 5 more people of your choice. The Hot Tub cinema offers tub side waiter service.

Check their events calendar for movie information and tickets.


For a more mainstream multi-screen cinema experience, there are several venues in Ibiza. Spanish cinemas tend to show movies dubbed in Spanish, unless it says otherwise. That may mean that Tom Cruise's voice could sound the same as Tom Hanks. This can be quite funny in itself, but it does offer you an opportunity to potentially learn some Spanish. To see a movie in its original language with Spanish subtitles, look for the abbreviation V.O.S.E. (Version Original Subtitulada en Espanol).

Multicines Ibiza is in Ibiza town. It is next to Vila Park bowling if you want to extend the evening with bowling fun. You'll find the movies being shown here.

Address: Cubells, 07800. (+34) 971 315 211

In San Antonio the cinema is called Cine Regio and details its movie screenings through Facebook.

Address: Cine Regio, Barca 5, 07820

In the centre of Santa Eulalia is a small cinema called Teatro Espana housed in an old theatre. It is perfect for a dinner and movie night as it is located next to restaurant street. Every Wednesday they show a movie in english with Spanish subtitles.You can find their programe here.

Address: Teatro Espana, C/ Sant Jaume 81, Santa Eulalia.

WORDS | Louise Ware

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