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Fitness - Feelness Powerlounge

Want to turn heads on the beach next summer? Dreading the inevitable rotundity of the post-Christmas belly spread?! Help is at hand dear friends. Check out the future of fitness, right here, right now, in Ibiza Town!

Feelness Powerlounge, Ibiza, offers state-of-the-art, cutting-edge body sculpting technology in the form of electro muscle stimulation. Discreetly located in the heart of Ibiza Town, personal trainer and exercise professional, Jan Ising, guarantees that he can transform your body into almost unimaginable improvement in just 10 sessions. Ibiza Spotlight wanted to know how!

A feelness powersuit is a special suit that stimulates specific major muscle groups of your body with an electric charge, as you work out! Why? Because the electric charge, specifically targeted to the areas you want to work on, amplifies the effectiveness of the exercise by at least x 5 times. Yes, 5 times!

This means that a 20 minute workout of your major muscle groups with a powersuit is equivalent to between a 3 - 5 hour workout in a classic gym. This is super fast-forward fitness.

Electro muscle stimulation technology has existed for some 70 years and is used by world-class sporting professionals for optimum fitness, (Jan confides that the fastest man in the world trains in a wellness powersuit). As well as being an incredible tool for fitness, it firms the skin and is also used as an extremely effective therapy to correct painful muscle imbalances.

Previous, bulky versions of the powersuit involved having to be sprayed with water but with the latest improvements, this is no longer necessary. Jan, with 10 years experience as a specialist powersuit trainer is Ibiza's only qualified supplier of these incredible, new fitness suits.

I was relieved to know that I was evidently in good hands. Good news, as I admit, I was a tad anxious as to my impending electrocution. Not, it must be said, my usual Wednesday morning routine!

Arriving at the beautiful, sweet-smelling, well-equipped Feelness Powerlounge studio, I parked in the large public car-park on the port, only 2-3 minutes walk away from the studio. I was greeted warmly with a big smile and a friendly outstretched hand.

The first thing I received was a thorough, personal consultation, which Jan used to tailor-make a fitness session for my particular requirements. Which of the my major muscle groups did I want to work on? My chest? My butt? My belly? It was all about me ladies and gentlemen (and yes, ok, my butt)!

After this, I was suited up (it looked and felt a bit like a tightly fitting, short, cycling suit). There were electrodes over all my major muscle groups which were then plugged firmly into a fitness computer. A holographic image of my body appeared on the screen and truly, I began to feel like the bionic woman. Jan explained that the computer would measure exactly what my body was doing, how much it could take and how it reacted as he put me through my paces.

Once kitted up, I was installed onto a step machine, to build up my body moisture. This I was told, would enable the electric charge to function correctly. Once my skin was sufficiently damp, I was connected to the computer and the electro muscle stimulation began.

And then commenced the shortest, most intense work-out of my life. It is impossible to describe the strange buzzing sensation as my major muscle groups were bombarded with different electronic frequency waves, stimulating my muscles at varying levels for specific effects.

Jan was with me all the way, instructing and encouraging, explaining what was happening to my body as I worked out, clenched, lunged, squatted, perspired, yelled and smacked holy hell out of the punch bag. ROAR!

The workout was over in a flash it seemed. I hugely enjoyed it. I think I dumped at least 3 months of frustration right there! I felt fantastic, alive, revitalized and full of sparkling energy. I got home and my boyfriend remarked on how great my skin looked. My butt looked and felt as though someone had blown it up with a bicycle pump. This went on for 3 days. High five Jan!!

When you consider that this technology allows you to get rid of the dreaded bingo wings in just 5 sessions and heal chronic muscular back pain in 10, it becomes the most remarkable fitness tool available in Ibiza. The studio is discreet and exclusive, with a maximum of 3 clients exercising at any one time. It is more cost-effective and hugely more time-effective than the equivalent workout with a personal trainer in a classic gym. I am a convert. No wonder they say that this is the future of fitness. See you there!

Quick Facts

What? Feelness Powerlounge

Where? Calle Vincente Cuervo, 16, 1-d, Ibiza Town

When? Mon-Fri 09.00-21.30 , Sat 10.00-14.00

Why? Get super fit, super fast, without straining your discs or muscles. Heal muscular pain, look fantastic on the beach!

Disabled facilities? Jan can help with some conditions, please contact him for details.

Cost? Depends on which package you go for. A set of 20 sessions costs €440 for island residents. If you go for the recommended 2 weekly sessions that's €22 per session. That's about the same as a drink at an Ibiza superclub. It's a no-brainer.

Top Tip? Follow Jan's instruction to the letter and take advantage of the wonderful showers!

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