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The news in five seconds

The news in five seconds
Ibiza council has applied for a €1 million grant from the Balearic Government to help improve the run down district of Sa Penya near the marina. The area has enormous potential for improvement and development and would enhance Ibiza's status as a World Heritage City

View of Sa Penya from the Cathedral

The Bishop of Ibiza has started the process to canonise and declare as martyrs 21 priests who were murdered during the Spanish Civil War in Ibiza. All 21 died between 7th August and 13th September 1936 in the period when Republican forces had recaptured the island from Franco's supporters after the military coup on 18th July. The worst atrocity occurred on 3th September when 18 priests were among the 94 prisoners who lost their lives when Republican Militiamen open fire on the crowded castle jail.

A possible strike by waste disposal operatives working for the company Herbusa has been averted. The company is contracted to clear the rubbish from Santa Eularia, San Juan and San Jose where a strike would hit the big tourist resorts quite badly. A nine hour meeting between the company and the unions with mediation from the mayors of those towns reached an accord just in time.