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Crowded Ibiza

It's official. Ibiza's population is dense!

It's official. Ibiza's population is dense! Despite hundreds of square kilometres of rolling hills, valleys, pine forests and cute whitewashed villages we all want to crowd into Ibiza town.

Already bursting at the seams, the town's convenience for work, facilities and ease of travel far outweighs a quiet idyllic life in the country where there's a massive 20 minute commute to earn your living.

Spain's smallest municipality, Ibiza has an enormous 4,204 citizens per square kilometre squeezed into its high rise streets. Compare that with a really big city like close neighbour Palma which has only 1900 psk and you'll see why there's so much pressure on the public services in Ibiza.

If you really want some space to breath, then Formentera with only 110 people per square kilometre is right up your street!