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The Vedra, Ibiza Story

A lot can be learned about the recent history of Ibiza

A lot can be learned about the recent history of Ibiza from the development of Hotels and other tourist establishments on the island. Take the Hotel Vedra in San Antonio, for example, another of the small, friendly family run hotels on Ibiza Spotlight. Its growth and development during the 60's and 70's echoes the growth of the town itself.

Back then, the current owner Javi's parents Mariano and Cristina started the hotel with only 6 rooms, naming it after one of the most emblematic features of Ibiza – the giant rock of Es Vedra. At the time San Antonio was a sleepy fishing village of only 1000 people but now both hotel and town have expanded to 28 rooms and 15,000 people!

Very 60's Salon

The Hotel Vedra was also at the vanguard of the construction boom of the 70's because it was the first building in the whole of San Antonio to rise above two stories high. Now it is completely dwarfed by some of the higher buildings nearby.

Though the building itself has had many changes – it was classified as a 'Renovated Hotel' by the tourist council in 2002 – and continues to make improvements every year, one thing has never changed since day one, it's still run by the same family. The second generation Javi and Gloria are now in charge and are still proud of the friendly service they provide to their clients, some of whom have been visiting the hotel for over 20 years.

Relaxin' 60's Style

If you're impressed by the old photos of the Vedra, you can see more up-to-date ones on Spotlight, and if you fancy a chat with Javi, you can make a reservation with just a few mouse clicks.