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June in Ibiza

Planning a holiday in Ibiza? Then consider June

Planning a holiday in Ibiza? Then consider June – and here are some very good reasons why.

First and foremost the weather is perfect. The days are long and hot, but not too hot. The sea's warm. The sun shines and there's little chance of rain.

Nights are warm enough to dine out under the stars in your finery but you won't need air conditioning in your room.
Driving around the island is a pleasure, traffic flows freely and in the towns taxis are easy to come by.

You'll find more room by the pool on the beach, or in town (and most kids will be at school).

Even the most popular restaurants will have space for you and you'll find the staff are just that little bit more attentive.

Flights tend to be cheaper and your hotel or apartment will not only be on average 30 to 40% cheaper than in high season, but also easier to book - just when you want. And because most hotels have some rooms vacant in June, it is an ideal month for long weekends or mid-week breaks.

If all that wasn't enough, don't forget that ALL the big clubs pull out ALL the stops for their fabulous opening parties throughout the month.

So what are you waiting for?

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