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Ibiza Election Results

Yesterday's Spanish General Election saw an historic result in Ibiza

Yesterday's Spanish General Election saw an historic result in Ibiza. For the first time in the history of Spanish democracy the socialist party, PSOE, were victorious against the conservative PP (Popular Party.) The election win was all the sweeter for the socialists in Ibiza town, San Jose, San Antonio and Formentera where they obtained a massive majority.

Nationally, Prime Minister Zapatero was returned to power with a small PSOE majority, so why the enormous swing to the left in Ibiza? Ibiza's traditional voters were simple country folk with an enormous deference to the almost feudal system they lived under. The last few years has seen a massive influx of immigrants from the mainland and Europe who do not agree with this and preferred the socialist's 'people first' policy.

The shadow of the 'motorways' still loomed large across these elections and it's no coincidence that the three boroughs affected most by their construction (though every man woman and child on the island will be paying off the debt for years to come) were amongst those giving the socialists a record majority.

It'll be interesting to see what develops next on the island with so many people of the same political complexion representing the island at local and national levels.

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