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Buuren: '2006 a good year for trance'

Armada ace Armin promises vintage parties at Amnesia.

Are you an afficianado of the high speed, emotionally resonant musical genre that is trance music? If so you're probably attending Amnesia this Tuesday for the opening party of Armin Van Buuren's awesome Armada, also featuring the marvellous Markus Schulz and the really-not-bad-at-all Remy.

Armada closing - 2005 (photo courtesy Amnesia)

Armada closing - 2005 (photo courtesy Amnesia)

On the headlining Dutchman enthuses about the current crop of releases and announces he'll deliver a three hour set in the sala principal every week.


Sultry lady jay Marysol appears on the terrace with Javi Mula for the co-opening of the Sundown party.

More line ups and tickets here

Fresh from winning two awards at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, Armin van Buuren leads the Armada team into the new season with a strong line up featuring Paul Oakenfold, Nick Warren and Matthew Dekay amongst others.

Armada closing - 2005 (photo courtesy Amnesia)

Armada closing - 2005 (photo courtesy Amnesia)

Armada at Amnesia was born in 2004 as an alternative night for trance fanatics, offering a different experience to the established Cream events each Thursday.

Throw in a few sexy dancers, solid sound system and one of the best clubs in Ibiza for seriously getting lost in the music and dancing for 6 hours straight, and you get the perfect blend for the energetic vibe that the Armada djs build for their crowds.

Armada closing - 2005 (photo courtesy Amnesia)

Armada closing - 2005 (photo courtesy Amnesia)

We caught up with a couple of clubbers who experienced the Armada 2005.

Lindsey, an Ibiza worker last year said, “I went to Armada a few times last year and it was always good – it’s never too busy to dance which is important for me, as I love going crazy to trance!”

Dave, a lively lad from Grimsby said, “Armada was ace. I’m gutted that I’m going to miss the opening party as it was so good last year. But I’ll definitely be coming out to see Paul Oakenfold in August (August 22)”.

If you like your trance music loud and not cheesy, then you should get yourself down to Amnesia on Tuesday to see the Armada experience.

Van Buuren is regarded by many as the highest achiever in a monsterously huge European rave scene loaded with stars like Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten and more.

The success of the venture bodes well for the future of trance in its summer home, Ibiza, and the continuing career of Armin himself.

Our Portugal-based Spotlight forum peep Spirit of Ibiza can't recommend him highly enough:

"Armin is day to day mixing better, finding original tracks and remixing in a high level," he writes. "He is the God of everyone who loves trance. He is in a level that any other trance dj can't reach.

"Many people say that trance is dead ... With Armin trance is just a baby =)"

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