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Amnesia enters fourth mind-blowing decade

Opening week starts Saturday June 17.

For many Amnesia is the quinitessential Ibiza club. Pacha is too snooty, Space too new, Privilege too smelly, Eden and Es Paradis too British, and Dc10 too dangerous.

Amnesia Ibiza

modern day Amnesia

Perched on a hill outside the petite village of San Rafel, Amnesia accepts partygoers of all persuasions - raver kids love the big trancey nights Cream and Armada (opening June 22 and July 11 respectively), hipsters fight for guest list entrance to Cocoon on Monday (opening June 19), on Wednesdays gays gag for La Troya Asesina (opening June 21), Italians and other switched on tourists for Made in Italy on Fridays, and locals for People from Ibiza on Saturdays. No-one bothers on Sunday tho.

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Before these long-running productions Amnesia's hedonistic heritage stretches back thirty years. The house where Amnesia now stands was built at the end of the 18th Century. Sold to an aristocratic and artistic widow in the 70s it became a home to hippies who played in bands and danced till dawn while experimenting with LSD and "touching the heavens", according to the Amnesia web site.

Amnesia - the open air version (pic courtesy 1975 Spain's long-ruling dictator Franco died. Music and other previously banned cultural consumables flooded into Spain. In 1976 the new tennant Antonio Escohotado turned the house into a discotheque and christened it Amnesia (above, the open air version).

The four four thump of disco took over from rock and is yet to relinquish its hold. But it was the juxtapostion of new and old sounds, pop and underground which was truly influential. Argentine Alfredo Fiorito wowed Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling and others in the summer of '88 and let flow a torrent of mass tourism. Amnesia was bought by Martin Ferrer in 1991. We got some comments from his right hand man and resident dj Mar-T who'll be playing Amnesia's overwhelming opening party along with Oliver, Pippi, Cesar de Melero and Les Schmitz on June 17.

Mar-T on the Amnesia Worl Tour, 2006Mar-T (right, on the Amnesia World Tour 2006) is in charge of organising Amnesia's world-beating 2006 program along with David De Felipe and Nacho Capella, altho the 30-year-old plays down his contribution: "The people decide!" he insists.

Spotlight: How long have you been djing at Amnesia?
Mar-T: This will be my 7th year.

Which nights do you play?
Mainly I play at Made in Italy and People from Ibiza but I also play at some Cocoon nights and Cream nights.

Where do you get your music? Do you buy online or in shops? I buy anywhere I travel and in the internet, that way I get tastes from all over the world. At this moment my best records would be:

M.A.N.D.Y.'Jah' (Zona remix)
Chelonis R. Jones – 'Deep in the Headlights' (Hell remix)
Goldfrapp – 'Ride A White Horse' (Serge Santiago remix)
New Order – 'True Faith' (King Roc remix)
Mar-T – 'The Time Has Come' (Alex Neri remix)

How do you pick promoters for Amnesia - is it all about who gets the most people, or do you have to like the music as well?
Amnesia changes the music style every day so all people can find the day they like the most - the people decide!

Nacho Capella & friend - Amnesia World Tour 2006

Nacho Capella & friend on Amnesia World Tour

You've played in Germany, Ukraine, Poland, France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Dubai and all across Spain. Which parties have been really good?

For me all parties are normally good but I really enjoy playing in Italy and Germany although now I am starting to play in really cool places of Spain. My home base in winter is in Barcelona.

Amnesia World Tour 2006

Amnesia World Tour 2006

What time will Amnesia shut in 2006?
I don't know... 7 or 8...

Will the current road works make travelling safer for clubbers?
Yes, much safer and easier to move specially in August.

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