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Craig David rocks TS5 Pool Party opening

The famous pool party returned to Ibiza Rocks with a bang.

Finally! Craig David's TS5 Pool Party returned home to Ibiza Rocks on Tuesday. We could not have been more eager to check it out. The opening went off with a bang and the evening continued to show us what pool parties should be all about.

After exploding onto the scene in 2016, the legendary bash is back for its fourth year. Joining Craig David for the evening was Liverpool born James Hype, TV personality and UK Rap legend Big Narstie and TS5 resident DJ Patrick Nazemi.

With this eclectic mix of talent on the menu, we were in for an interesting day.

As we entered the poolside party, it was already brimming with fun-loving party animals who had got down early, keen to make the most of the day. An evening of garage, bass, rap and hip hop followed. Some long-lost tunes were given a spin, as well as the anticipated ones.


The clue is in the name for DJ James Hype. His energy was infectious as he bounced around the centre stage in between mixing.

Hyping the crowd up with his remix of Piece Of Your Heart, the DJ left his mark on the bouncing crowd. He may have made an even bigger impression donning his tiger print shorts!

A track that caught my attention was the jittery bassy sound of PAX's newest release Snake. This was one I had heard a few weeks back and had forgotten about - thanks, James.

Before we knew it, Big Narstie was making his way up to the DJ booth. The eccentric rapper delivered a concise set, yet it was filled with plenty of antics and on-stage dancing.

Big Narstie was as excitable as the crowd who were keen to get up on stage with the rapper and dance. He chose a selection of girls to get up on the stage with him for the duration of one of his songs. Plenty of hips were winding to this one.

A standout moment was Big Narstie's newest track It's Yours with Donae'o. Narstie was loving the attention from the crowd, lapping up every moment as he paced around the stage.

the CRAIG DAVID show

Now the crowd was suitably prepped, we heard the sound of Craig David's melodic voice before we saw him. He made an acoustic intro over the mic before appearing suddenly on the 360-degree island stage.

Once settled behind the decks, he dove straight in with the classic Re-Rewind by Artful Dodger ft. Craig David. The crowd could not get enough.

A few songs in, David stopped to take in the incredible atmosphere. After a few seconds, he declared this was the best TS5 pool party ever. The crowd were left cheering and applauding their part in making it such a special one.

The tunes continued to flow. As always, the crowd hung on his every word. At times, it was as though the crowd's singing was even louder than Craig's – a delight for any artist to hear, I'm sure.

As it was a short set, it was packed to the rafters with his most popular tracks. In a perhaps too predictable fashion, we heard 7 Days, Ain't Giving Up and Re-Rewind. After all, it wouldn't be a Craig David pool party without them.

When The Bassline Drops was especially necessary since Big Narstie was still enjoying the show same enthusiasm from the balcony following his set.

However, nestled within David's solid collection of tracks, were some brand-new tunes. It was nice to hear his latest release When You Know What Love Is.

In a fitting tribute to Ibiza, the official music video for the track was filmed on the island. The Ibiza Rocks Hotel itself as well as the stunning Dalt Vila both make appearances in the video. Check it out!

The production was minimal. With it being a daytime party, it was hard to put on an impressive light show. But the stripped back approach meant the music did the talking. However, I still welcomed the odd CO2 cannon cool down timed perfectly with each drop.

As the set came to an end and all the bangers had been and gone, there was only one way to top the set-off. That was with the Fill Me In Where Are Ü Now Remix. The crowd agreed.

It was an uplifting end to what was an electric set. As he thanked the crowd for the journey they had been on since 1999, I realised the comeback King has had 20 years in the business. It's no wonder he knows how to gather crowds like this year after year.

Just before 19:30, Craig handed over to DJ Patrick Nazemi to continue the party. He kept the tempo high and bouncy with his remix of Freed From Desire by Gala, with DJ Zinc's Wile Out. It was a great start for the UK-based DJ.

More drinks flowed and the party continued until around 21:00 where it was time to call it a day. But only until Tuesday when we can do it all over again when Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago will be warming up for Craig David. What a treat.

Join Craig David for his TS5 Pool Party at Ibiza Rocks every Tuesday until 24 September. To see confirmed line-ups and get your hands on tickets, see below.

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