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Review: Redfoo's Party Rock Island @ Privilege

A melting pot of commercial house, banging electro and giant inflatable bananas. Don't forget your sunglasses.

Well that was loud - and I mean that in every way it can be interpreted. Not only did the music at Redfoo's Party Rock Island raucously smash its way into my eardrums with heavy electro drops that just stopped short of knocking my teeth out, but the decorations adorning Privilege's great shell were also big and boisterous (we're talking huge inflatable bananas, zebras, flamingos and what I'm assuming were flowers but which looked a lot more like pink plungers hanging from the ceiling). And then the clothes – with dancers and artists leading the pack, the fashion of choice yesterday night was not for the faint-hearted or conservative. Tight, fluorescent and animal print; short of attaching speakers to your shoulder pads, is there any possible way to dress louder?

When I arrived, of the Black Eyed Peas, was centre stage, churning out crowd favourites at an Olympic pace. He looked like some sort of finned fly amidst the inflatable palm trees, with giant bug-eyed sunglasses below a rigid dorsal fin of hair. Raising arms with hits like Cedric GervaisMolly, Kanye West and JayZNiggas in Paris, AviciiLevels and rounding it off with a classic of his own making, Black Eyed PeasI Gotta Feeling. We were also treated to an exclusive first-airing of's latest single featuring Chris Willis called Anything For Love – and judging by last night I think it'll do just fine.

The front and middle sections were heaving for the arrival of LMFAO's ‘fro component Redfoo, but fans hadn't quite turned out enough to fill every last corner of Privilege tonight. Most people took the extra space at the sides as an opportunity to trial their best and boldest dance moves without treading on any toes – to varying effect. Of those that did come to party, the small U.S. contingent on the island was very well represented, both Redfoo and being creatures of the infamous west coast, after-all.

“What's up party people?” Redfoo bellowed into the microphone as he took the stage. “I got one question before I get started – WHO CAME HERE TO PARTY ROOOOOOOOOCK?” At which point a few people politely raised their hands and someone coughed awkwardly . . .

JOKES - they all screamed like banshees.

Redfoo then rolled straight into that song (Party Rock Anthem) as the official Party Rock dancers bounded onto stage. He soon joined them front of stage for the duration of the set, controlling the music through the Beatrock app on an ipad strapped to his left hand. I don't consider what I saw last night DJing, rather Redfoo plays the roll of the party host – and pulls out all stops in this respect. When the LMFAO hit Champagne Showers came around all present on the stage were suddenly armed with champagne bottles spraying their sticky abandon all over the front rows of the crowd. even came out to join in this part, thoughtfully handing over what was left in his bottle to a lucky punter below him. When Every Day I'm Shuffling exploded into our ears, Redfoo and his dancers burst into the Melbourne shuffle; it was mildly surreal for me to see this dance move on the stage of Privilege, Ibiza, as it originated a few years ago with some bored and talented Asian kids in a car park in Melbourne.

The dancers were excellent, the atmosphere was raucous and Redfoo played a balanced mix of LMFAO hits and those of other artists like Calvin Harris and David Guetta. Towards the end of his set Redfoo asked of the crowd – “If this is your first time in Ibiza make some noise!” It sounded like almost everyone hollered at this point – which just shows how the new commercial influence in dance music has brought with it a whole host of new clubbers who otherwise would never have made their way to the White Isle.

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