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Review: Fiesta del Agua

Dance and splash...

I was immediately greeted by red, blue and green lights which beamed over the packed dance-floor; made up of both tourists and Ibicencos. Embracing the fun and exciting atmosphere from the offset I was a little disappointed that I hadn't worn my swimming gear in preparation for the highly anticipated water invasion.

Es Paradis had set the theme for the night with sexy dancers dressed in nautical outfits matching that of the woman on the party poster. Disco balls and huge stars hung from the ceiling as the crowd danced away to the sound of Steve Valverde and Island favourite John Ulysses. The raised area in front of the DJ booth was heaving, as was the arena on the main dance-floor as the young crowd threw their arms about to a mixture of commercial, trance and progressive electro beats. The crowd were sporting a combination of 'I love Ibiza' tops, swim shorts, bikinis and flip flops - plus the odd white t-shirt ready to reveal a little more than usual once the water had begun.

With everybody already bagging their spot in the water area an electric buzz was in the air. The balconies were scattered with fist pumping lads enjoying the likes of Delirium's track Silence as the odd hen party as well as various excitable girls danced around or mingled at the bar awaiting the splashing to commence. Every track which was played hyped up the crowd further especially when classics like Watch the sunrise - Axwell ft. Steve Edwards, Epic - Sandro Silva and Quintino and When love takes over - David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland were dropped.

After a few hours of partying to a variety of vocal house and reminiscing on the days when I used to belt out the words to Silence the moment had finally arrived... As water sprayed from many directions and the floor began to fill the white palace like arena within the dance-floor and it quickly became home to squealing girls and lads who were trying their best to control their boyish urges to splash like never before - some failed. With the water depth raising to waist height - in my judgement anyway, the 'pool' was pretty impressive and breast stroke - no pun intended, could possibly be attempted.

After my first experience of a water party on the White Isle I have to say I can see the appeal. As so many clubs become roasting on a night out the option of cooling down in a pool whilst still being able to enjoy some up-tempo house is a good one. A few words of advice beforehand though... be ready to get wet and consider coming armed with a towel as long as you are willing to take the stick from your friends - one lad did and he left dry as a bone... Who's laughing now?

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