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Interview: Treasure Fingers

We catch up with American DJ Treasure Fingers and chat about his new projects and work with popular party brand Hed Kandi.

From a drum 'n' bass boy in a band named Evol Intent to a headlining DJ and producer tearing up world stages and dance-floors alike, America's Treasure Fingers has his digits in many pies. Having just remixed Hed Kandi's latest album entitled 'Hed Kandi World Series USA' the popular and party loving man is unsurprisingly headlining Hed Kandi's highly anticipated closing party this season after going down a treat at this summer's opening.

In light of his exciting and ever growing discography of foot stomping tracks we caught up with the lovely chap to find out what he really thinks of Ibiza's most glam party and what he has planned for the future...

You have recently mixed Hed Kandi's album - Hed Kandi World Series USA, tell us what you did with the compilation and what the listeners can expect from it?

I basically took a lot of my favourite current tracks that I felt musically represented an amazing night out and mixed them together in a way that tells a story from first entering a club to the euphoric high you have as you leave.

What is your favourite track from the album?

Aside from shamelessly promoting my own tracks, I'd say Mike Newman and Antoine Cortez track Come With You, it's also one of my favourites to play out anywhere.

Why do you think you were chosen to mix the album and what made you jump onboard?

Maybe for the sound I've helped build over here in America. Since it was their USA compilation my sound fitted into what they were going for, it just seemed natural.

Already this season you have played for Hed Kandi at their opening in Ibiza and will be there again for the closing, what is it about the party which keeps you coming back?

Well I thought the first party was amazing... The production of the whole event, the vibe of it, it was extremely fun to DJ there. Then the guys there said 'oh no mate, you've got to come back for the closing party and then stay a full week to recover, it's insane'. My curiosity is peaked to say the least.

This year has seen you perform around America and later this year you will be touring Australia as part of Stereosonic 2012, in your experience how do crowds differ around the world and where have you had your best reception?

I've had great receptions around the world but usually to different tracks; there's always the random song that I use more as a bridge or building tool into something else I think will be huge, and then the crowd goes nuts on the transitional track. It's hard to gauge where my best reception has been but Paris is always great, same with Los Angeles.

You've had great support over the years, from Radio 1 DJs and hosts in particular, how does it feel to be recognised on such a big scale?

It's an odd feeling for sure. It's amazing that you can literally come out of no where and all of a sudden have some of the biggest DJs and labels supporting you.

You've released a lot of material on various imprints; Defected and Fool's Gold Records for example, which one do you think best represents your sound and portrays you best as an artist?

I think actually being able to release on both of these labels represents my sound perfectly. I tend to ride that fine line between proper house music and indie/dance/nu-disco/whatever they want to call it these days.

How would you best describe the sound?

Energetic feel good music; highly influenced by classic disco, funk & house.

Do you have any new releases for this year which you can tell us about?

I have a couple of singles forthcoming on Hed Kandi - Blowing Up which is a collaboration with Codes featuring Amy Douglas on vocals. and then Rooftop Revival which will see it's official release with a pack of hot remixes.

Any other collaborations in the pipe-line?

Yeah, I have a few already done that we are just sorting out release plans for right now. I also have a few forthcoming ones pencilled in that I think will be really cool. I don't want to spill the beans on who it's with just now though.

Sounds exciting! So, any forthcoming gigs that you are really looking forward to?

Electric Zoo in NYC will be massive, also really looking forward to getting back over to Ibiza for the Hed Kandi closing.

How do you prepare for playing gigs such as the Hed Kandi closing?

I don't have any specific rituals, I just try to gather a bunch of a fresh tunes that I want to test out, throw in a few classics that are guaranteed to be a hit, get a few drinks in and then see what happens.

Hed Kandi are celebrating their 10th anniversary this season, what do you think it is about the party that makes it such a success?

I think it comes down to the entire experience - huge production, lots of dancers, the sound that they are known for and so on. I think they've just built their brand up so well that now people know what to expect from a Hed Kandi party.

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