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Josh Wink: Reproducing Quality

The Ovum Recordings boss talks Ibiza, tech and gardening...

Label owner, DJ, Producer and all round legend Josh Wink has been in the game for decades, despite being around for so many years though, he has managed to stay up there with the biggest names and evolved his sound throughout the time he's been on the scene.

With his label, Ovum, growing stronger and stonger, more releases from himself coming up in the future and returning to Ibiza for sets at some of the biggest nights on the island we stop to have a chat about what's going on in the world of Josh Wink.

Your label 'Ovum' recently once again hosted the Terraza at Space with yourself, Steve Bug, Gregor Tresher and Alix Alvarez. How did it feel for your own label to host its own night at such an iconic club as Space?

Yeah, we're fortunate to have this be the 2nd or 3rd year for our Ovum night to be at Space. The club has been great in offering us our unique sound in its club. They do a super job with promotion and helping the night be as special as it has been! Hopefully we'll have another one before the end of the season! The one a couple weeks ago was amazing!

Over the season, you'll be back at Space playing a variety of parties such as Richie Hawtin's new project 'Enter' and with Carl Cox, whilst also headlining the Main Room at Amnesia for Marco Carola's new Friday night 'Music On'. Is there any of them in particular your looking forward to the most?

I Look forward to each gig on the island! Always unique and special parties. I feel blessed to be asked to play each one! I mean, come on! They're great parties to play!

I always look forward to Carl's party, as I know that it will be off the hook, as usual! And Rich & Marco, as they are friends and both have new parties on the island, I know their parties will be great as well!

You've obviously been coming to the island for a number of years now, does Ibiza still give you the same buzz and excitement year on year?

It's different for sure. But, yes, I still have a lot of fun and I feel that the island always offers something. I just have to make the time to go and find it!

Away from Ibiza, you'll be spending a lot of time travelling around Europe and the world, hit us with the highlights...

Various parties! Ya know, it's summertime and there are a lot of parties and festivals. We're doing a couple of Ovum arenas at festivals and I look forward to these. But, also, coming to Ibiza with the family in September! I really look forward to that!

To your label Ovum then, the latest release from Dirty Channels and Busgy has gained huge support from DJ's such as Maya Jane Coles and Maceo Plex and the like, what's next for the label and where do you see yourself taking it over the next few years?

We'll still manage to sign music that we really like and believe in. Not always things that will be big sellers or huge hits. Just good music that will stand the test of time. Not following trends, just releasing music we want to support. Got some great things coming up. Nico Lahs new 12", Tom Middleton and a Technasia track we've been wanting to release for a year now. It will be out in August!

Over the past year, electronic music has blown up over the world, mainly in your home country of America which has led to some quite public spats between certain DJs across the genre. What's your opinion on the direction the music is taking?

Everything has it's reason and purpose. EDM is simply a form of pop music now. There are still alternatives to the mainstream, and if this is what you're seeking, you'll gravitate towards it. If not... You'll look somewhere else.

Lets talk tech. Obviously things have changed from the times where you would spin vinyls back in the 80's at warehouse raves. What's your current set up when you arrive at a gig? And what's your opinion in the huge advances in DJ tech as you've been there pretty much from the start?

I like to use technology. I embrace certain aspects of it, rather than it controlling me. It can be as much of a tool you want it to be. Yes, I spent years and years playing, and traveling with vinyl. I miss the culture of Vinyl. Like record stores and the social aspect of like minded people gathering in a record shop and being inspired by new music! I really miss this. And I still try and do it, when I'm in a city with good shops.

I play with Traktor and I still use CDs to control my files. No sync mixing for me!

In terms of 'Josh Wink', what have you got planned for the next few years such as touring, albums etc? And how do you keep the excitement for playing out and producing going?

I hope to be making new music in the fall, winter time. I am a new father and I'm finding it hard to make time to be in the studio with traveling and 'priorities' of being a new parent. But, I feel very creative and I look forward to creating new music soon!

Finally, outside the hectic life of being a DJ, producer and record label owner, what do you like to do when your not busy with work?

Right now; fatherhood & gardening! We have a plot of land for growing vegetables too...

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