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Arno Cost: Ibiza Changes For The Good

Catch up with the artist who's playing the FMIF parties a lot this season...

Arno Cost is a man in demand in Ibiza this summer, you can find him at the F*** Me I'm Famous parties at Pacha alongside David Guetta on September 20th. He has also played for Guetta's huge Thursday party on June 21st and July 12th. We catch up.

Hey Arno, tell us about your first time in Ibiza back in 2009. How did you feel when you got off the plane and experienced Ibiza for the first time?

There is such a history behind Ibiza and it is a history that I am very familiar with. So I already knew a lot about the island before ever stepping foot there. But in addition to the hit, when you step off the airplane you are also hit by a special energy that stays with you the whole time you are on the island and most of the time even travels back home with you. The vibe here is always very special, and that was noticeable as soon as I first came here four years ago.

Why do you think millions of people from all over the world come to Ibiza? What makes this island so special?

It is a combination of things I think. First off, you get all this incredible music from a wide range of artists. You then get to hear all this music in a selection of amazing venues. The clubs in Ibiza are amongst the very best in the world and they are in action every single day throughout the summer. But the most important factor about Ibiza is the crowd. True music lovers come here every year to experience music in one of the finest settings and it is these people that put the icing on the cake.

You have appeared as a guest DJ for various parties since 2009 with the majority of your appearances at F*** me I'm famous. Tell us about the first time you played there.

It was great, just as it has been every time I have played for them since. The F*** Me I'm Famous team are all great people who are good friends as well as colleagues. It's great to experience playing in a venue as fantastic as Pacha. Plus, the crowd is so loyal and always ensures that the party is in full swing.

Playing on one of the island's most popular nights like F*** me I'm Famous is a big deal. Do you collaborate with David Guetta on music in preparation for these events?

No, we don't prepare for our sets on these nights. It is important for a DJ to feel the room he is playing in and react to the crowd and atmosphere, so preparation goes out of the window and instinct takes over. If a set is planned out too much then it will not connect on the dancefloor. A computer could deliver a programmed set – no one wants to see that.

In your opinion, how has the music changed in Ibiza over the years?

Things have become more professional I would say. Ibiza's appeal has become more global in recent years too. People are coming from all over the world, not just Europe. And that is having a positive impact too. Ibiza changes every year. Its subtle changes keep it eternally relevant and helps make it the most exciting place on earth for electronic music.

You have been recently collaborating with the likes of Laidback Luke and John Dahlback. Tell us what you guys have been working on?

I did "Golden Walls" with John Dahlback in 2009 and "Trilogy" with Laidback Luke and Norman Doray last year. It's always a good experience to make music with other people, and particularly with those guys.

How would you best describe the sound you play and the type of set people can expect when you play in Ibiza? Can fans still expect to hear some of your earlier classics like Magenta and Give me some love?

I can't tell you exactly what I will be playing but I would say that you should expect to hear house music that comes with plenty of melody and soul. There will be some big, dancefloor moments but they will be mixed in with more musical components. It's music for your head as well as your feet.

What is your most memorable gig and why?

It was back in 2008, I played for the first time in Japan. The club was amazing and the people were completely crazy ! I remember they knew every track I played, jumping all the time. Such a great experience...

You held a residency at Queen club for many years in France. Do you still play there? How does the party scene in France differ from Ibiza?

No I don't play in this club anymore. Maybe I will in the future but for now I try to focus myself on the international clubs. Queen is a really good club, the crowd is really nice but it's different to Ibiza, you can't really compare. Ibiza is a holiday destination, when you go there, every party gets wild...That'sIbiza...

Earlier on in your career you collaborated heavily with Norman Doray. Do you still perform together?

Norman is a very good friend of mine and a perfect guy to work with. We work really well together and are always talking about projects and collaborations together. Sometimes they happen, sometimes they don't. Although I don't have any dates with Norman set in stone, we will definitely share the stage once again!!

Tell us about one of your most embarrassing moments on stage when something didn't go as planned?

I think Im quite lucky because until now I havent had any moment like this. Sometimes a CD player turns off, sometimes the police comes to shut the party down, but nothing really serious :-)

What music would you listen to when you are outside of your own studio?

I grew up on a varied selection of music. From soul to disco, funk, jazz and rock, I listen to it all. I very rarely listen to dance music at home. Instead I tend to go for something more relaxed. I explore a lot of different music whilst at home. This broadens my horizons and ultimately helps develop my DJ'ing style.

If you had a night off in Ibiza, who would be one DJ you would go to see perform and why?

I think it would be Eric Prydz because his tracks and his dj sets take me to another place. This guy is so talented, and too underrated in my opinion.

Whilst you are staying in Ibiza what do you like to do outside of music? Do you have a favourite restaurant? Favourite beach? Sports Activity?

I love km5, B-For Sushi and l'Elephant. There are so many great restaurants on the island... My favourite beach is Tropicana Beach.

What does the future hold for Arno? Where to from here?

The future is all about music. Tracks, gigs, studio time, touring and parties. I'm looking forward to it all!

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