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The Juice... with Soul Clap

Zara Ribas pitches some curve-balls at the Boston production duo ahead of their compilation release on No.19 music, The Social Experiment.

The Plug

'The Social Experiment' compilation is your debut compilation, how did you find the whole process?

Well we really wanted to find out about the true power of the bassline at moving the butt. We'd been experimenting with different frequencies of bass for years, but never had any concrete results. Then Jonny White (Label boss of No.19) approached us with the idea to conduct a controlled experiment on the connection between basslines and butts. It turns out he was doing the same style in Toronto that we had been doing in Boston. What style is that? Doggie Style.

It looks like you just picked all your mates' tracks?

We travel in packs and we do it from the back. How else do you get to the booty?

How do you describe the sound of the compilation? Also, can you make-up a new genre it might fit into? E.g. Reverse Nu-Tech Disco

We've heard it described it as GUNK (goth funk) or Vampire/Ghostbusters House, but in the end we definitely had some interesting results to the experiment. It turns out when you mix Soul Clap with No. 19 Music you get a hybrid sound of bass heavy Toronto club mixed with hip shaking Boston EFUNK. It's really designed to get your juices flowing and your body moving so you can slide on out of your living room and into the night ahead.

You guys seem to have taken on this aura in the last 12 months or so of being infinitely cool and en vogue, a bit like Jonny and Art Department too actually. Where did the hype come from?


(Editor - The Great White Hope was the series name behind Soul Clap's earliest mixes. See here)

How do we know whether to believe the hype or not?


The Issues

Isn't re-editing classic soul and funk and disco just cheating really?

As long as there's no kissing, no it's not cheating.

Are genres important in electronic music?

Actually it feels nowadays that genres ruin everything. It seems like most DJs think they can only get a career in this industry if they master one particular style at a time, but really diversity is the name of the game. If you even look back in time for one moment you'll see that the best DJs, or any musicians rather are the ones that sprinkle on a little taste of everything.

People who play vinyl just do it to be cool. Discuss.

F*ck that, people who play vinyl are like Jesus. To keep the faith they break the bank and their backs for your dance floor sins!



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