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Richie Hawtin Threw My Shoes Out of the Booth

Hilarious scenes here from a recent gig for the M-nus boss.

We all know the scene, in fact many of us have probably been part of it, we're talking about the crowded DJ booth of course. You can picture busy it's like a game of Twister (the 'Don't You Know Who I Am?' edition) and where everyone but everyone is inching that bit closer to the DJ. Like moths to a flame, it's impossible to not want to interact with the person on deck/laptop duty, it's like that moment of eye contact means something, it's like you deserve to be stood in the booth. Or maybe you're just a twat.

Well this latest video of Richie Hawtin playing at Warung in Brazil is a right touch. A bit of background first; there are a ton of videos already on youtube for this event from a few weeks ago, which truly show how 'snug' the booth environment was, but here's a taste of what Hawtin was having to put up with during his set. Check out the girl in the red dress at 1:50 getting a 'laters' as she tries to speak to him. This was pretty much how the rest of the night went too in pushing Hawtin's patience to the limit, although I reckon I'd last a little longer than my current short fuse for 10 large every gig. Just to add some further spice to the melting pot, a technical fault here caused the sound to go. The youtube comment says it all....."Poor Richie"!

So anyway, later on, I guess there is nothing else to do other than just watch it. The faces and reactions (or lack of them) from the rest of the people in the booth are priceless. Or should we blame the blank expressions on the botox and yayo!

DJs throwing the shoes of jockey sluts out of the booth and into the crowd. Gotta love it, we salute you 'O Plastiky One'. Now let's hope everyone copies you and this becomes a trend in the same way minimal and rascal haircuts did.

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