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Interview: Chuckie

Hannah Davies speaks with Dutch DJ Chuckie about his plans for this summer and his forthcoming North American tour.

Tell us how you got involved with Subliminal at Pacha?

Basically me and Erick have been good friends for quite some time now and he always wanted to work with me on some parties and some music and then we got together at dinner and we both decided it would be a great idea to kind of share the same turn table on the Subliminal night so we did.

You've got 5 dates this summer playing for Subliminal, what do you think makes this event stand out from other parties?

First of all I really like the selection they make as far as the crowd I think it's really sexy the most important thing is that the club is not overcrowded so there is enough space for everybody to enjoy the party because as you have to imagine people pay good money to get inside. So if you cannot walk around you cannot enjoy so this is where it really stands out that they watch quality for this night.

You have quite a unique sound in the sense you bring hip hop to the electronic house scene, why do you think you're style has been so successful in Ibiza?

Erm, I think it's because I treat every dance floor as a different place and don't play one style at every party so I try and read my crowd so from there I make my story to play music.

You're going to be playing at Space for BBC Radio 1 weekend next Friday; I bet you're pretty excited; do you get nervous before any of your sets?

Oh definitely I mean I am part of the radio 1 family now and this is like the icing on the cake for me, it gives me the feeling that I am really part of the radio 1 family, and also it will be my first time playing at Space so it is really exciting for me.

Are you nervous?

No I am not nervous but it is a really fancy line up, which will make it fun.

You have not long announced your upcoming North American tour bringing your unique sound to the US, why North America?

Because people in North America are screaming for me to do a whole tour to different cities and states, it took time to get all the dates right as we got requests from all over the place and from the US, so we had to figure out the right agenda, and it was about the right time to go to all these places I've never been to before.

And where can we expect to see you tour next?

Well, I am working on my Brazil tour which is almost confirmed now, which is also going to be about 15 dates. I am also going to hit a bit of Asia as well. In January I am going on vacation and most of the time at the beginning of the year I do the Australia tour.

Where are you most excited to play?

It's so crazy to say it but everywhere I go is always quite good and I really enjoy playing everywhere but two of my favourite spots area definitely Mexico and Australia.

You have given you fans a chance to win an experience of a life time as party of the ‘Roll with Chuckie' competition, what made you think to do something as generous as this?

Well, you know I always like to give to my fans, I always have give-aways and people are supporting me like really hard core so I feel that whenever I am in a position to give something back I give back.

How does the Ibiza club scene and its revellers compare to other destinations?

Well, Ibiza is one of a kind it's really crazy, its like its own world but at the same time it's really progressive. Its been upfront of the music scene for quite some time now and that is also the reason I go to Ibiza to see whatever is new and coming up as it is definitely the Island for it. So, as far as music it is always progressive.

You've been stated saying that playing at dance event Sensation in 2008 was a dream come true for you, have you any more ambitions that you have yet to fulfil?

Definitely like right now I do Dirty Dutch parties in Holland which has about 30,000 people capacity and I would love to finally have a Dirty Dutch concert in the United States, that would be awesome.

Speaking of Dirty Dutch, you are also a big name in your homeland and host your own Dirty Dutch area at the Dutch festival Mysteryland, how does it feel to play on your home turf?

It is always good to come home, I mean this is where we started Dirty Dutch and this is where we keep Dirty Dutch relevant. So it is always exciting, matter of fact Holland is the only place I might get a little bit nervous if I have a big event because the Dutch crowd are really choosey and picky of what they like. So this is the only territory where I still get really nervous and excited to do my thing.

You've remixed tracks by huge names such as Guetta, Pendulum and Michael Jackson; have you any new remixes ready for release any time soon?

Oh definitely, I just finished a remix for Gloria Estefan, which is really incredible for me right now. I am also working on a lot of remixes but I can't tell you the names as they are really secret and I have also been working on the album. But the Gloria Estefan one is the one to watch, the story behind it is that I am kind of taking it back to the Dutch dance floors of the late nineties, which is really exciting.

You are also involved in a lot of charity work and are even the ambassador of UNICEEF Den Haag, how do you fit this into your busy schedule?

I try to make it happen, if you really want to do something you make time for it. I feel there is a bigger purpose in life and this is definitely part of it.

Finally, are you improving all the time technically as a DJ?

Oh definitely, as far as techniques I definitely have grown as a DJ, in terms of experience and because now I get to travel the world I can put things in different perspectives. I am constantly growing as a DJ and I am really thankful for that, I am blessed to have the opportunity and get to do it.

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