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Notes from an Ibiza Virgin

Snapshot diary of an Ibiza first timers experiences and observations of our beloved isle.

Here is my review of Ibiza this year, it was my first time on the white isle and i had an incredible time. I spent pretty much everyday of the last 3 months planning and researching. I stayed in Playa Den Bossa at this apartment - great location, we were just off the main strip and within 200 metres of the beach and just around the corner from Space.

The first night we didnt arrive until really late (1am) so we just got acquainted with the area and went out for a few beers - we ended up at Zanzibar in PDB where we met Siobhan who worked at the bar doing PR, she was really nice and sorted us out with most tickets/info about the island while we were there.

Tuesday we went to Sands for the Hot Natured Beach Party with Jamie Jones/Lee Foss - really great vibe despite not too many people there. Seth Troxler was hanging out in the crowd (a common theme throughout our stay in Ibiza) and some really nice chilled disco. After this we ended up at Hotel Es Vive for an afterparty where Lee Foss dj'd to about 50 people. Really quite bizarre as the place was like a boudoir.

Wednesday was our first big night out - we went to Kekahuma at Space (Seth Troxler/Nick Curly and Lauhaus). First impressions of Space was wow - despite all the negatives i'd read before about the crowd and how it wasnt as good as the old days - i thought it was wicked. sound system was good and el salon was a great little chill out room. Nick Curly smashed it and Troxler was good fun. We went to Ushuaia before but didnt realise the Ibiza Voice parties had been cancelled so trekked all the way down there to find it was closed.

Kehakuma at Space

Thursday - we went to Monza at Sands with Paco Osuna. Paco was really good but the only frustrating thing was that the power keep cutting out every 15 minutes or so thus the vibe kept being killed.

Friday - we went to the Berghain night at Space and saw Steffi and Marcel Fengler - again a good night, music was a little harder but this was to be expected. They had weird dancers in bondage gear which was pretty odd to look at while dancing

Saturday - had a relatively chilled one- we went to Ses Salines beach in the day which was really nice - had to get a taxi which took us past dc10 and cost about 10 euros but definately worth a look. The beach was more full of locals but the sands were a lot whiter than PDB and the sea was a crystal blue - definately worth a look. Afterward we went to Bora Bora earlier evening which was quite interesting - lots of people that looked a little worse of wear at 6 in the evening. Music wasnt as good but dancing on the tables was a definate highlight!

The infamous Spiderman of Bora Bora

Sunday - we went to Formentera in the day which i didnt really rate - the weather was the worst while we were there - little sun and lots of cloud so we couldnt do much - then to top it all off we watched england lose the football in a hotel with a load of german people. In the evening we went to We Love at Space and saw Minilogue and Jesse Rose - spent more time checking out the various rooms in the club as they were all open, pretty purplexed by how massive it was. Jesse Rose smashed it - one the best sets we saw while we were out there, lots of house grooves and some classics thrown in for good measure. Ended with the Von Stroke edit of Damian Marley - Welcome to Jamrock which left a few people looking confused but most going mad. Great night.

Minilogue at We Love Space

Monday - went to DC10 to see Seth Troxler/Zip and Matthias Tannzmann - couldn't believe it was here and spent the whole time pinching myself - couldnt really get into Zip but Troxler and Tannzmann were great fun. After that, got the free Amnesia bus from PDB to Cocoon and watched Loco Dice on the Terrace - really great club with funny animal dancers and did the most intense laughing gas of my life - the ice cannon was awesome as well.

Tuesday - we went to Fuse @ Ushuaia to see Luna City Express, Nima Gorji and Martinez. Only 2 of our group made it out to this as the others were knackered. Didnt realise it was guestlist only but managed to blag our way in. Probably the best night out while we were there. I would definately recommend checking out Ushuaia - great beach bar and brilliant soundsystem. Fuse was a great party and met some great people, to top it off there was a free buffet in the eve with free sushi and smoked salmon with cream cheese. The music was really good - Seth Troxler again in attendance. Afterward we went to the afterparty at Blu which proved difficult to find as none of the taxi drivers seemed to understand us - this happened quite a few times during our stay, taxi drivers just seemed quite clueless unless we were going to a club. Blu was quite a cool place - felt like we were underground in a cave but they had cool underwater visulations on the wall and the seating was arranged so you could chill on the comfy couches and still watch the dj/dancefloor.

Wednesday - Channel Zoo opening, Desolat showcase with tini and Guti. If theres one thing you do while in Ibiza - get to the Gala Night for the Zoo. We heard wednesday was the day to go as it wasnt as busy and we were so glad we did. Enough people but not too many so had plenty of room to dance in the seal pit. Also go early and take swim stuff so you can go in the pool (i jumped in with my jeans rolled up anyway). tini absolutely smashed it - definately the best set we saw - the most amazing amospheric sexy house music.

Thursday - On the last night we went to Ibiza Town for food - wish i had more time to explore this little area as it was really picturesque - i would definately recommend having a little walk around here as there was alot of shops/good things to look at. We went to a tapas place by the side of Dalt Villa called La Bodega - it was recommended by the Metro - honestly the most amazing meal I've ever had, it wasn't cheap but the food was really good - definately recommend! Afterward we had a little walk around the Marina and headed to Space for the DJ Mag party. Saw Tensnake, Metro Area, Booka Shade dj set and Derrick Carter. Really busy when we got there as most people had decided to go in with free wristbands. The terrace was busy all night but no-one really there while Booka Shade dj'd which was strange. Glad i got to finally see Derrick Carter and shook his hand as he was hanging round the club after his set.

The Martinez Brothers at DJ Mag Ibiza 15 Years Party

Friday - returned home - absolutely knackered

A little word about prices - its expensive although im guessing people know that. If your staying in an apartment - i'd advise you to get a taxi to Lidl to get booze (it's on the road from PDB to Ibiza Town). They had beers in there for 30cent and the vodka was about 4euros for a good sized bottle, along with other choices of cheap spirits - definately saved us a massive amount of money. Food wasnt too bad either. If you go to Lidl though, make sure you get a taxi number beforehand - we hurried there on our first morning only to realise that no taxi's stop around there, only to have to ask around in a few shops before someone eventually rang one for us. Even if you don't go to lidl, get in a taxi and ask for a business card as it'll definately come in handy. Drinks were expensive in the clubs - Space was 7euros for a bottle of water and 10euros for a beer / Amnesia was 9euros for a bottle of water - scandalous! Zoo Project - 4 euros for a water/5euros for a beer. DC10 - 7euros for a beer

Heard quite a lot of tunes a few times, oddly enough the first four are all out or coming out on Desolat.

Davide Squillace - The Other Side of The Bed - (definitely our tune of ibiza 2010)
Davide Squillace - Cubism

Loco Dice - Definition - (lots of versions/acapellas of this being played out)

Basti Grub - Me Sabre A Porno
Homework - I Got One (It's You)
There was also a version of Marvin Gaye Let's Get it On that tini played - would love to know what it was if anyone else has heard it.

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