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Amnesia Closing 2010 - Best Party of the Year??

Easily the most talked about single party on the Spotlight forums of the last couple of years, El Cierre is back!!!

Why the hype about Amnesia Closing? It'd kind of be like trying to describe the atmosphere inside a throbbing football ground or concert venue, each one has their own characteristics and traits, similarly with Amnesia has a totally unique vibe amongst other clubbing experiences.

Traditionally it was always a crazy affair - that's when crazy really actually meant something to - that would go on forever and the open air terrace would resemble a scene from Saving Private Ryan. Over the past few years, the layered caked hype about the bash has been for a number of reasons.

Firstly, guests in the last couple of years have included Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, Luciano and Marco Carola, but perhaps most importantly - with it being officially against the rules for parties to take place between 7am and 4:30pm during the regular season - the fact that this party really gets going about 8am and continues to 5pm gives it an almost unique timetable compared to anything else...........and of course an atmosphere to match it.

This year, like last, Matinee rule the Saturday night roost, but come 8/9am on Sunday morning, Mar-T is sure to kicking off the best part of the event, followed by Dice, Richie and Marco. Last year, Luciano played from about 10-12 with Richie Hawtin and Marco Carola playing back2back for about 5 hours, but it's hard to imagine Dice won't team up with current B2B buddy Carola for at least some of it.

Perhaps even a 3 way session!! Whatever, here's a taste of last year's session from and it's ready, get set for the party of the summer.

DanceTrippin 132: Richie Hawtin & Marco Carola @ Amnesia Closing Party

Tickets soon!

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