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REVIEW: Tiesto Opening - 8th June

Flash, bang and Sex on Fire......

There is clubbing, whatever that now largely generic term means to you, and then there is Tiesto at Privilege. Despite the earlier June start for Tiesto this season, the club was already full by 2am when I arrived, pretty impressive considering the vastness of Privilege.

On closer inspection, it was clear that whilst it wasn't full to bursting, it had the perfect level of busyness to generate a power atmosphere and you leave you room to dance and not waiting an eternity at the bar. The VIP on the otherhand was packed with many Island faces that were taking the opportunity to experience the Tiesto show for the first time, being that Cocoon wasn't yet open. I have to say there were quite a few señoritas who gave Miss Macabich a run for their money on the glamour stakes. Well, they nearly did.....meaow!

As for the music, well it is classic Tiesto. I can't say I'm a big fan particularly but there is so much variety to his sets that its difficult not to find yourself singing away or swinging that arm in the air Luciano style. So interspersed amongst the pumping trance and melodic, anthemic house, hearing a great high energy version of the Kings of Leon's Sex on Fire, with full vocal of course, was fantastic. A real power moment of smiles and voices straining to sing-a-long. Listen here. This was preceeded by Moby's Raining Again (Steve Angello's remix naturally), which generated one of the biggest reactions of the night. Listen here

And what about the multimillion euro investment Privilege have allegedly made for 2009? Well the sound was certainly a lot crisper than I've heard it before and the giant screen, that made Tiesto gigs so hot in 2008 due to the heat it generated, well that's gone and has been replaced by a kind of rotating, movable screen that changes shape, colour to change the mood in an instant. Words can't do it justice really, you have to see it for yourself.

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