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Circo Loco at dc10: Story Changed

After all the words, legal battles and soap opera style rumourmongering......dc10 opened and it was a party in the classic style of dc10 opening and closings.

So Tuesday 6th October arrived and just after midday, Circo Loco and dc10 were back in action again after a 12 month absence.

In somewhat fitting circumstances, first word of what was happening came from legendary Spotlighter and former Editor of these here pages, Dr. Mick, who in customary fashion was the first to confirm the party was in full flow and the all important timetable!!

All the extended Circo Loco and dc10 were present and correct, with the obvious exclusion of Luciano, and it was fantastic to see a healthy crowd from early on in the afternoon.

The grey and rain of September had given way to bright Ibiza sunshine and blue skies, which meant the Terrace was slowly heating up like a Greenhouse, whilst outside in the Garden Area it Ricardo and the Romanians were taking it a record at a time!!


It was familiar face after familiar face as the day progressed, with a strong worker contingent present, although the October date and last minute confirmation of the event ensured it wouldn't be totally rammed. In the end, this was as a blessing as it seemed like any clubber still around (or especially here) on the island was in attendance and the club was perfectly busy throughout.

In the Garden Area outside, adorned with semi-effective canopies (reminiscent of dc10's terrace 10 years ago) the monotonous minimal tech kept on grooving till midnight with Tania Vulcano's closing set.

Inside, Matthias Tanzmann, of Moon Harbour Recordings, delivered some killer tech house before Ricardo's swaying and sweating frame loomed behind the decks (yes, he still uses them!). Then around 3am came one of the more memorable moments of the night, as 2009 smash Caminando by Reboot drifted its way into the mix and a mass sit-down began, which engulfed the whole terrace, before the drop sent everyone bonkers. Fantastic scenes!

With entry costing 50 euros (without drink), it was, understandably after the long break, the most expensive Circo Loco or dc10 party ever. But inside, the drinks prices were 'reasonable', with water 5 euros, beer 7 euros and a mixer 10-12 euros. There were also a few times when the person serving me either forgot or deliberately didn't ask me to pay for my drinks! Let's put that down to closing party goodwill!!

The day after everyone regrouped at Sands, for the official afterparty on the beach and Sands Closing Party. With the likes of Timo Maas, Rene and Ricardo Villalobos making appearances, it was the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon in Ibiza.

Timo Maas at Sands

In assessment of this party, the most significant thing is that the whole event went unscathed without a single disruption from 'City Hall'. Great news!! Two premonitions/questions then.

1) Circo Loco New Year's Day party?

2) Business as usual for Circo Loco and dc10 in 2010?

Let's hope it's a resounding YES to both of them!

cIrCo lOcO nEvEr dIeS

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