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Manumission ready to shine in Ibiza again

Manumission is back again ... but what antics should we expect from them this season ?

One thing is for sure ... it is a new dawn for Manumission as they embark on their first full season at their new home, Amnesia.

Having spent so long at Privilege, 2007 was the year of change and what could be the start of a whole new era for what was the biggest party in the world.

Manumission at Privilege

Manumission has been one of the most famous parties for well over a decade now, having been responsible for bringing over clubbers to Ibiza in their masses ... all looking to get a taste of the Manumission experience.

With grand-scale themed stories, elegant stage shows and some of the biggest names in dance, it´s an event that is quite simply hard to match. Now a move to Amnesia, recently voted the best club in the world, presents a new opportunity for Manumission, one which we expect them to take with both hands.

Mike Manumission

So for 2008, we are being presented with Coney Island Review, a storyline based on the weird and the wonderful, combining a cast of beauties and freaks in a four act tale of Vaudevillian mischief.

Expect a tale of kidnapping and cloning, anti-corporate clampdown and chipping, all set within the freaky boundaries of Coney Island Set and set to a soundtrack created especially for Manumission by A Human.

And as with most of the Manumission shows, don´t expect them to shy from the weird and the wonderful – this year they will also be presenting the ‘Freak of the Week’ with special guests including Lucky, the World’s Most Tattooed Man, and Baby with her Acrobatic Vagina ... say no more.

As always, the music will be as great as the shows themselves, with some of the best acts appearing during the summer, including the likes of 2 Many DJ´s (above), Mylo, Fatboy Slim, Zane Lowe and Mark Ronson.

The Manumission opening party takes place on Friday 20 June and is always a major event here in Ibiza.

Make sure you check out one of these parties these season ... you won´t forget it in a hurry !


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