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SPTL134: Anek

Two of Viva Warriors most promising recruits.

The Mix

Talk us through the track selection of the mix.

"We have chosen a selection of tracks that we really love at the moment. As it was a 2 hour long mix we felt we could make a bit more a journey out of it as usual mixes are no more than around 60 min. It was fun to make!"

Where and how was the mix recorded?

"It was recorded live at home using CD pdecks - recording through the mixer to laptop. Old school, we know ;)"

What are your musical influences? How did you arrive at the sound you play now?

"We have been through many house sub genres in our time as dj's. We have always liked to evolve with time and influences, even though we would always just describe our music as house. The sound we play now actually reminds us a bit of the sound that was around when we began dj'ing in 2001. Very housy vibe. Music wise we were influenced by the French house scene when first we got in to house music as teenagers in Denmark, such as Daft Punk, Etienne de Crecy and Cassius."

The Plug

What is keeping you busy at the moment? You have new release just out, right?

"Yes we are busy working non stop in the studio. We just had a track coming out on Materialism called "Nothing to Lose" with a remix from fellow VIVa artist Darius Syrossian and recently another release out on Ibiza label Chronovision featuring Robert Owens and including great remixes from DJ W!ld, Veitengruber and Lee Brinx. At the end of April we have a track called "Girltalk" coming out on VIVa MUSiC as part of the VIVa MUSiC 100th EP."

You have a weekend off. What do you do? Where do you go?

"Often we hang out with friends, go out for dinners... Or often we actually end up in nightclubs... We love it and can't get enough!"

Playing as a duo seems like fun, what do you love about it? Are there any downsides?

"There really aren't many downsides. It's amazing to travel around with your best friend. You are never alone and you have someone to share your ups and downs with."

How is it being involved in the Viva label?

"It's great being part of VIVa... It's like being part of one big family. We like to call it our music family :)"

What plans are in place for the coming year? Will we see you out in Ibiza?

"Yes we will be playing at VIVa warriors parties at Sankeys and some other events in Ibiza that is being worked on right now."


01 - Go On Then (Franck Roger Remix) - Kate Simko
02 - Cause & Effect - CrossNineTroll
03 - Naviglio Dub (Julian Perez Remix) - Whodafuck
04 - My Love Is Underground (Original Mix) - Hector Couto
06 - Lost In The Zoo (The Martinez Brothers' Bronx Zoo Mix) - Burnski
07 - Superwave Theory (Original Mix) - Francisco Allendes
08 - Smile (Original Mix) - Daniel Dubb
10 - F & The P - Housematic (Nigel Snorter Edit)
11 - Girltalk - Anëk
12 - Nothing To Lose - Anëk
13 - Party Time! (Wade Remix) - Max Noize
14 - Warehouse (Original Mix) - Jose M., TacoMan
15 - Road To The Studio (Fly Mix) - Jamie Jones
16 - This Is House (Original) - JP Chronic
17 - The Doppler (Original Mix) - Shlomi Aber
18 - The Third Ear (Original Mix) - Giuseppe Cennamo
19 - Mr. Drive (Original Mix) - Hot Since 82
20 - A Better Light feat. Dilo (The Martinez Brothers Remix) - Dilo, Santos Resiak
21 - All the Devils Are Here (Original Mix) - Sable Sheep
22 - Walk With Me - smakPONY
23 - Next To Me (Original Mix) - Burnski, MANIK (NYC)
24 - Avaida - Steve Lawler
25 - Get to you (Original Mix) - Medeew & Chicks Luv Us feat. Sergy


Best friends since childhood, Anek originate from Copenhagen, Denmark and are the first female duo to be welcomed to the exclusive VIVa MUSiC roster. With over 10 years of experience DJ'ing and Producing under a different alias, Karina & Denise, who now reside in the UK, are far from unexperienced in the house music scene. From a young age the two friends found their passion and calling in electronic music, and from 2001 have wasted no time pursuing a career doing what they love most.

Anek's introduction to house music fans came with their inclusion in the first VIVa MUSiC Be-At TV podcast in February 2012, sparking initial interest in the highly talented duo. Their back-to-back playing emanating energy, dynamics and an all round uplifting house vibe. Currently working in the studio on various productions for VIVa including many other labels, their first release will see their standout track 'Whatever You Say' as part of VIVa MUSiC's 100th EP. The VIVa100 EP embraces all key VIVa MUSiC artists, including Steve LAWLER, Darius Syrossian, LEON, Livio & Roby, Julian Perez and more providing forward thinking productions for a very special release.

FACE, the number one promoters of underground house in Birmingham (UK) welcomed Anek with open arms to play alongside Tiefschwarz, Darius Syrossian and Sante at a VIVa MUSiC vs Souvenir party in June 2012. This summer will also see them play at Sankeys, Ibiza as part of the VIVa Warriors Residency during its closing party on September 12th.

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