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IAMARICHBITCH announces closing party

Dip your toes into some of the finest hip-hop around

Get yourselves ready for a joint celebration to remember, because on Friday 30 September not only will Privilege host the closing fiesta for IAMARICHBITCH, it will also be the final time the club opens its doors this summer. IAMARICHBITCH has become one of the club's most popular parties, mixing up Ibiza's predominantly electronic scene with hip-hop beats and a variety of Reggaeton, Trap and Moombahton, and to mark the last party of the season, none other than the legendary Busta Rhymes has been drafted in for an exclusive island performance. BIG.

Many childhood dreams will come true on this night, when you'll finally have the chance to singalong along to Rhymes' famous tune 'Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check' and dance until the early hours with Rich Bitch master Ale Zuber and, of course, his trusty residents.

Privilege never fails to bring the festival vibes with it's larger than life dance floors, outstanding performers and mind blowing production, week in, week out. This party brings diversity and lovers of all things hip-hop together, so you can be sure that IAMARICHBITCH will give a fitting send off to another huge season for the world's biggest club.

Join thousands on 30 September for a closing party to remember, Busta Rhymes will be waiting! Tickets available now.

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