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Annie Mac & Heidi talk all things Space Ibiza

The pair play their final date at Space this Sunday

Annie Mac and Heidi are two of the most influential selectors in music - their flawless taste and inimitable skills behind the decks putting them at the forefront of our modern-day soundscape. This Sunday 4 September, the curly-haired curators of magical music will join forces for an AMP x The Jackathon takeover at Sundays at Space, with Annie Mac taking the reins in the Discoteca alongside 2manyDJs, Paul Woolford and Dennis Sulta, and Heidi joined on the Terrace by Daniel Avery, Paranoid London and Jimmy Edgar. We caught up with them both before this final, momentous date at Space, to talk losing inhibitions, influencing tastes and the sadness of saying goodbye to an island institution.

Your shows on Radio 1 puts you in a position where you must be inundated with new music - is it difficult to source the good from the bad?

Annie: "I listen to music all the time, pretty much. I also have people I trust around me who turn me on to things and I listen to a lot of stuff with my two different production teams. It's not too difficult to source the good from the bad. I know pretty quick what moves me and if I'm unsure then I leave it to another day and listen to it with fresh ears."

Heidi: "It's got to a point where I need to clone myself 100 times over to deal with the amount of music I'm sent daily. 98% is rubbish that just clogs my inbox. But I know what sound I like and what DJs and labels I'm into - that usually helps weed out some stuff. I also miss a lot of fantastic music because of the mass productions of music, DJs, and producers out there now - there is just no possible way to get to everything. It was easier when I worked at Phonica records, I heard everything coming in and had more time in the day to just rummage around. I guess I play a lot of old stuff, which actually sounds new now because of the next wave of ravers. The music that was made 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago still sounds like it could have been made yesterday - it stands the test of time."

To a certain extent, your shows on Radio 1 mean that you're responsible for what the younger generation listens to - is that a big responsibility?

A: "I try not to think about the responsibility! I just focus on the music that I play being consistently good."

H: "I'm in agreement with Annie here. I just play what I really like. I don't play records just because someone told me it's a big record. I have to really like it. I'm extremely picky. But I only have a monthly show so I can be more selective."

How would you shape the public's music taste, if you could? What sounds would you steer them towards?

H: "Well, for one thing I would steer them clear of the dross that clogs the airwaves on a daily basis. I'm not going to name any names because that is petty, but let's just say there are a lot of sheep out there and not enough shepherds guiding them towards the light. That's what I try and do with my show - I try and give them a taste of something different but equally as energetic."

You've both launched hugely successful brands with AMP and The Jackathon - what's your ultimate goal for them both?

A: "My main aim for AMP is to be a trusted brand. For people to know that whenever they come to AMP they will hear something new and something interesting with or without me performing."

H: "I've always tried to bring the fun back to the club world. It can be so serious and stuck up. I want people to come to The Jackathon and lose all their inhibitions. I want them to get lost in the music and be inspired by the acts I bring; whether they're older artists or newer ones, there is always something take away from them. I also want people to dance so hard that they don't give a shit about their phone all night and actually collect memories the old fashion way - with their minds!"

How does it feel to be involved in the last year at Space?

A: "Emotional! It's such a wonderful place - the people who work there, the sound system, and the crowds are always so great. I had such a good time there for myself and Heidi's last party… even as a sober pregnant person!"

H: "It feels strange. Like the end of an era. It actually makes me feel old! I have been DJing there for 10 years - We Love… at Space gave me my break on the island and the guys booked me every year - they became like family. Mark and Sarah Broadbent and Darren Hughes are responsible for some of the most incredible nights I've had on Ibiza, as well as some of the biggest hangovers. I'm just curious to see what next year will be like without that amazing institution. I'm going to miss playing on that terrace every summer. I love that room."

Are you optimistic the club will go on to bigger and better things?

A: "I'm sure it will go on to other things, whether they'll be better we have to see. I hope they are true to the spirit of the club, and pay respect to the legacy of the club in terms of the music and DJs that have flourished there."

What's your most memorable time at the club?

H: "I think the first time I went there I wasn't even a DJ yet. I was there with my boyfriend who was DJing at the time. He was resident that summer and it was when people actually went there early on Sunday when the sun was still out. The vibe was so cool. Then after that we went to DC-10 and then Cocoon. It was one of those debauched weekends. So good."

If you could have anyone - past or present - on a line-up, who would it be?

H: "I would love to bring Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy back for one last Jack! Who better to have than the creators themselves."

And who's currently exciting you musically?

H: "There are too many names to put but I will say my boy Mike Servito and my girl The Black Madonna. They are slaying it at the moment. Both have been DJing for over 15 years and finally people have clocked how amazing they both are, inside and out."

What's your most raucous Ibiza experience?

A: "They're never raucous, just joyous. They involve sunrises and pool parties and silliness with old and new friends."

H: "If I told you I would have to kill you."

Listen to some of Annie and Heidi's favourite tunes of the summer so far below.

WORDS | Abby Lowe

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