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Big hitters from the Cocoon dance floor

Top tracks that trounced the Amnesia Ibiza terrace this Monday

It's not often that two titans of Ibiza come together with the sole of aim of uniting us on the dance floor, but when they do, shucks does it set the club alight. That's exactly what happened on Monday night, when for the second consecutive year, Solomun joined forces with Sven Väth at Cocoon to lure us into an enticing world of techy-based pleasure. Consequently we had our dancing shoes and Shazam at the ready, and for those of you who missed it, here's a rundown of the five biggest tracks of the night. Turn them on, whack up the volume and get lost in the moment - it's what this duo would have wanted.

Konstantin Isibold / ‘Mutter' / Played by Sven Väth

Papa Sven is well known for staying loyal to his favourite tracks throughout the season, and ‘Mutter' has undoubtedly already gained pole position as one of them. This track has been touted most weeks at Cocoon this summer - its soaring, dreamy overtones doling out a titillating taster of trance to those losing themselves on the terrace.

Johannes Heil / ‘By Night (Part One)' / Played by Sven Väth

On Monday, Sven stepped aside from his usual closing spot to make way for Solomun, but he still set the tone with some driving, immersive belters. ‘By Night' is one of those - an all-encompassing track that probes deep into the nooks and crannies of your dark places - precisely what you'd expect from a techno veteran such as Heil.

Christian Smith & Wehbba / ‘Mutate (Kaiserdisco Remix)' / Played by Solomun

It's almost 5 AM and your legs have been in overdrive for the past few hours - what you need is a little pick me up that'll carry you through to the early hours. On Monday it came in the form of ‘Mutate', a release from long time collaborators Christian Smith and Wehbba - this time with a rework from remixing maestros, Kaiserdisco. Get your stomp on to a track loaded with trademark Solomun groove.

Rob Hes / ‘Battlefield' / Played by Solomun

Released on the previously mentioned Christian Smith's label, Tronic, ‘Battlefield' is a little slice of techno bliss. Released a year ago, it went down a storm at Cocoon thanks to the filthy, grimace-inducing bassline. Turn it up, close your eyes and surrender to the web of sound as it encloses around you. Feels like you were there with us, yeah?

Gary Beck / ‘Hands In Mine' / Played by Solomun

Staying till sunrise on the Amnesia terrace is an Ibiza rite of passage - there's nothing quite like seeing the sun's rays illuminate a sea of ecstatic faces. And the feel-good vibes are ramped up considerably when Solomun drops a track like Gary Beck's ‘Hands In Mine' - euphoric vocals, rolling rhythms and scintillating synths slapping oodles of extra bounce into everyone's step.

WORDS | Abby Lowe PHOTOGRAPHY | Phrank

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