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Review: Acid Sundays at Heart Ibiza, 12 June

A psychedelic trip for the senses

As I walked through the doors of Heart for my first experience of Acid Sundays, I was greeted on either side by mirrored walls that give the illusion the club goes on for eternity. Passing through the big double doors, I was struck by the heavy deep house sounds of Nico Stojan. The Berliner who describes himself as a 'global citizen' entertains the crowd in this intimate venue; he's so close you can almost touch him.

The clubbers swayed back and forth to Stojans' incessant beats. To the right of the DJ booth was a stage sporting a tree-sized psychedelic mushroom, and suddenly three dancers appeared. Their performance was an eerie spectacle - two men wearing strange, Wickerman-esque masks pranced around the woman as she proceeded to strip, aided by the two other dancers. The place was awash with colour. Away from the dance floor, the rest of the club is a dimly-lit collection of smaller VIP areas and numerous bars, and bright stalactite structures hang from the ceiling - you could be forgiven for thinking you're inside a very glamorous cave. All the while, Stojan continued his steadily rising deep house sound. Tracks like 'Trust' by Rampa and 'The Last Days of Summer' by Zhekim had the crowd in a trance as psychedelic images were projected onto the walls. A variety of dream catchers and trippy hippy like structures hang from the ceiling and walls.

"The smell was like that of a church, albeit a more psychedelic church than I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing."

Just before 2 AM, Nico cranked up the dial significantly as a group of semi-naked men wearing body paint writhed around on stage. They were joined by another - a woman wearing a Bollywood-style costume twirled elegantly as her image was projected on the many screens that encase the club. The crowd were captivated by her flowing movements. As I ascended the busy spiral staircase towards the smoking terrace I noticed it was full with people, many dressed in costumes, face and body paint to rival the performers on stage. A couple swayed to and fro on a swing made from chains and a skateboard that was hanging from the ceiling.

Back down in the club it was nearing 3 AM and coming towards the end of Nico's set. The stage was overtaken by numerous dancers sporting outrageous costumes; they seemed to lose themselves in the music almost unaware of the crowd directly below them. Nico leaves the DJ booth to a rapturous applause from the crowd. Just after 3 AM and it was time for headliner and resident, the aptly named, Acid Pauli.

The floor was really packed then and affluent revellers were really into the groove, steadily moving their feet, almost in unison, as Acid Pauli continued where Nico left off. A swirling dancer dressed all in white also entertained the face and body painted adorned crowd, who were in a state of deep house ecstasy; smiles plastered upon many faces. More dancers entered the stage; one of them was offering facepaint to the willing recipients, while another wandered around bathing people with incense. The smell was like that of a church, albeit a more psychedelic church than I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. As I took my leave there were a number of break-dancers twirling on their heads, and my head was also spinning after a very entertaining night of music, dancing and visual spectacle. Next time I may even wear a costume.

WORDS | David Fleming

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