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Review: Elrow/Kehakuma closing party, 2015

Elrow and Kehakuma injecting fun into the island for their last Ibiza bash of the season.

Last night Space Ibiza hosted one of the most epic parties of the season with Elrow and Kehakuma, who have truly outdone themselves for this year's closing. Before we even got inside the club the streets were buzzing with Kehakuma and Elrow closing on everybody´s lips, and although the queue leading up to the club was long, everyone was alive with excitement to join the final fiesta.

As we got into the club we made like an arrow and shot our way to the frontlines of the Main Room where Art Department had a remaining half hour till De La Swing and Toni Varga would take over with a special back-to-back set. After weaving our way through the crowd my jaw dropped in awe as I took in the décor that had completely transformed the Main Room of Space into some tropical lalaland jungle where even the rules of physics didn´t apply – strange creatures on stilts walking around blowing bubbles, little munchkins dropping from the ceiling and bouncing into the crowd, a little row boat floating across our heads, a dancing tree and all kinds of plant life on stage, with the ceiling and walls covered in greens and vines and everything in between.

Every week the Elrow team worked hard to create a new magical experience for its visitors by really dressing up the Main Room and making the party come alive. This week they out-did themselves and I felt like I was watching a show; a performance of Cirque du Soleil proportions, albeit a little more rugged. The music was embracing us in a warm blanket of beats, seamlessly weaving in track after track and keeping those fists pumped high in the air as we were carried away into a far away fantasyland courtesy of Elrow.

Although the groove had me totally captivated, soon my curiosity got the better of me and off we went for a wander in the direction of the Terrace, making a short pit stop as Acid Mondays were doing a special set to a nicely packed Sunset Terrace. Off we went again and now the Main Room took our fancy with Tania Vulcano and Jose De Divina back-to-back, tearing the roof off the place with their hard and heavy beats, clearly enjoying the tandom challenge and feeding off each other´s music. What Elrow puts into entertainment and visual aesthetics, Kehakuma puts into its tunes and once again hit the spot with a heavy hitting line-up that kept us dancing for hours.

Too soon the Terrace was being closed and we were ushered back to the Main Room where Marc Maya was deftly maneuvering the decks with a surprise visit by Eats Everything, taking us into the last hours of the early morning before it was time to leave. My only disappointment was that not more people came in costume, it's a fancy dress party after all, and after all that they have done for us, the least we could do is add some of our own magic to the party!

PHOTO | All aboard for the afters! Our writer Maya post-Row.

WORDS | Maya Dupont PHOTOGRAPHY | Faris Villena

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