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Review: Music On opening at Amnesia, 2015

An Italian stirring pot of great music and furious dancing.

I put together my best black on black outfit and arm myself with a few Amnesia essentials – including my ear plugs and my sunnies - eagerly awaiting what the Music On crew is cooking up for us for the opening of 2015.

With house and techno legends Hector, Neverdogs, Joseph Capriati and front man Marco Carola on the bill my expectations of the evening are high. With only four DJs, the line-up is surprisingly minimal in comparison to the never-ending list of DJs booked for other opening parties, giving room for long drawn out sets that really focus on the music. After all that's what Music On is really all about: no riff raff, just dancing.

Entering the Terrace of what must be one of my favourite Ibiza clubs, we have Mexican Mobilee hero Hector stirring up the pot with his energetic and cutting-edge music. Hector effortlessly mixes track after track keeping that bass line hard and steady, a great precursor to the heavyweight Marco Carola who comes on shortly after we arrive hitting us with a steady groove and subtly guiding us through his musical wonderland. Known for his mammoth DJ sets, Marco certainly has no shortage of tracks to pull out of his bag. Building momentum with Whatcha Gonna Do by Belgian Hermanez the crowd is furiously marching to the sound of the Music On figurehead with absolute dedication.

Next to Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati is holding down his own in the main room and we eagerly go to check him out. It appears that Joseph has brought some exotic sunny flavors back to the dance floor of Amnesia after he warmed up the majority of the crowd at the sundrenched pre-party at Café Del Mar. He mixes an eclectic set with lots of vocals, live music samples and even a remix of Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall, with the entire room going wild and belting along Joseph sure knows how to get his crowd going.

The musical melodrama continues well into the morning, with the Italian-heavy line-up drawing a largely Italian crowd, but everyone is welcome at the pure authentic Ibiza club night that is Music On.

WORDS | Maya Dupont PHOTOGRAPHY | Music On

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