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Review: Sankeys opening pt 1, 2015

...and so the Wars of the Stars began.

The much anticipated date May 20th has come and gone and certainly not without a bang. Kicking off the summer season 2015, Sankeys has Awakened. In total compliance with the Star Wars theme, we had the clones in full regalia, headliner Ida Engberg & Adam Beyer teaming up for a back-to-back, Second City, Noir, Tube & Berger, Argy, Manu Gonzalez, Frederico Grazzini, JP Chronic, and Frank Storm enter the battleground – and so the Wars of the Stars began.

Sankeys two-day opening party must be one of the most anticipated parties surrounding the IMS dates. We enter the club in high spirits with the rest of the eager crowd and the first room we find ourselves in is the Basement, and although the headliners are no doubt turning the LAB upside down, we can't help but linger at the delicious sounds of Secondcity playing his rhythmic grooves anticipating for him to drop his hit record I Wanna Feel.

Sprinting back and forth between the rooms to soak up all the music that we can, we catch the petite blonde Ida Engberg at the LAB playing club banger Fine (Sebastian Roya Remix) by Los Suruba ft. Sutja Gutierrez. Between her and Adam Beyer there's a seamless harmony of fast-paced, freely flowing, stripped back techno that the Swedish duo throws out at the public relentlessly. We hear Mr. Beyer put down some highlights from his own productions as well as from his Drumcode buddies. The dance continues and the anthems come flying by but could it be they dropped their load to soon? As soon as the thought comes by they pick it up and make the sweat drip off the walls and with the brand spanking new Pioneer sound system - music has never felt so good.

Back in the Basement, modeled after the original Sankeys in Manchester, Tube & Berger take over and you can tell it's the beginning of summer in Ibiza, with energy levels enough to make the ground shake – or is that the vibrating bodysonic dance floor? It's the beginning of a season, another epic adventure awaits and as Noir goes onto the decks to close the Basement, we duck out regretfully as tomorrow brings another early day at IMS.

WORDS | Maya Dupont PHOTOGRAPHY | Justin Gardner

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