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DJ Harvey residency at Pikes

Harvey rocks the House

Months of burning speculation have been quenched with news that DJ Harvey is set to take over the White Isle with his finesse in a summer residency at Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes.

In the six week Monday sessions the legendary DJ Harvey, who is revered for his leftfield disco cuts, will be 'Mercury Rising'. The night is aptly named in its homage to iconic musical mastermind Freddie Mercury, who alongside a bevy of the biggest eccentric stars of the 70s and 80s, was no stranger to relishing the haven's hedonistic sensibilities.

The much anticipated signing is in association with Secret Life and his set selections will be echoed through the walls of the 500 year old Ibicenco house all night long from July 13th through to August 17th. An industry personality who boasts an almost cult-like status amongst disco diehards being pitched against a venue which commands a reputation as an Ibiza institution, is a match sure to draw in the crowds from week to week.

"Once upon a time at Club Tropicana, Tony Pike, Grace Jones, Bianca Jagger and Freddie Mercury enjoyed their own grown-up playground at Pikes Hotel on the White Island of Ibiza, Spain," says DJ Harvey. "They worshipped Tanit the Goddess of Love and worshipped the night away to music as exotic as their fantasies. Thirty years later and for those in the know, little has changed. Tony is still here and we still dance and love to a Balearic soundtrack. Freddie may be gone but his pleasure palace remains."

Joining the pioneer will be resident DJs Pete Gooding, Phil Dockerty and International Feel founder Mark Barrot. Additional guests on the agenda will include Chris Coco, Phil Mason, Apiento, Steve Cobby and Balearic Gabba Soundsystem.

PHOTO | Jordi Cervera

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