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Album of the week: Mirko Loko 'Comet Plan'

A journey through futuristic soundscapes of unimaginable beauty; ladies and space cadets, this is 'Comet Planet'.

Artist: Mirko Loko
Album: Comet Planet
Label: Cadenza
Release date: 04/05/15

Join beloved Swiss minimal house and techno producer, Mirko Loko, as he takes us on a journey through the cosmos, filling our souls with futuristic soundscapes of unimaginable beauty. Ladies and space cadets, this is ‘Comet Planet'.

‘Comet Planet' is the follow up LP to Mirko Loko's 2009 release, ‘Seventynine'. Unlike ‘Seventynine', Mirko steers away from attempting to mould Cadenza's minimal aesthetic in a classically melodic direction. This time around, Mirko freshly reinvents Cadenza's organic mantra; a mantra which he helped root from its distinctly provisional minimal house and techno foundations. Opener, Get Down and following track, Venus together begin the ascension into a perplexed universe of extra terrestrial harmonic discovery. Venus launches into a space pod of tranquil, symphonic synths, beautiful weaving strings, all the while signaling us to venture further into this beautiful, never-ending midst.

Cuts like U Special featuring French singer songwriter and dOP vocalist, Johnathon Illel aka JAW, lay down the birth ground of Mirko Loko's early Detroit and Chicago house influences. Comet Planet's early single release, Kolor (also remixed by Carl Craig as part of an excellent EP package), is a frantic slice of techno'd up xylophones, sprinkled with a dusting of chimes and other bells. Radio Vini, is a warped space transmission, with voice snippets of the producer's Swiss homeland's involvement in famous extra terrestrial happenings.

Mirko Loko describes Comet Planet's raison d'etre in his native tongue, “Un voyage entre toutes mes influences,” literally translated as (to journey through all of my influences). The LP is no doubt an intergalactic voyage through a potently creative artist's spirituality; through Mirko Loko we connect emotionally to the LP's subject matter, and I think it is bloody fantastic for an artist to connect to, in this instance, a core Sci-Fi theme through which to let his musical genius flow. The LP entices us listeners to decipher minimal musical code, and to find our own personal meaning in the deeply melodic celestial spaces. Tracks like Angelus, for example, delve into at first an ethereal floating combination of harmonic melodies and voices, then abruptly throw us into a paranoia filled world of warped, menacing synths and echoing danger.

Comet Planet is a record that transcends to far reaching melodic galaxies, displays menacing undertones of Mirko Loko's earthly musical realities to a restoration of equilibrium, which by-passes a landing on earth to take us deeper into the exploration of distant space travel with the LP's final number, Coelum Piuzis, allowing us to make a blissful landing back on Mirko's own reinvented ‘Comet Planet'.

WORDS | Ruairi Cahill


1 Get Down
2 Venus
03 U Special Feat Jaw (Original)
04 Lea
05 Flash
6 Kolor (Original)
07 Radio Vini
08 Angelus
09 Gloria
10 Timeline Feat Francesco Tristano (Album Version)
11 Danger Feat. Jaw
12 Coelum Piuzis

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