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Pacha VIP tables on sale for 2014

Go on.... spoil yourself.

We think it's time for a little luxury. Pacha VIP tables for all confirmed nights at Pacha Ibiza (that's every night except for Mondays, at time of writing) are now on sale for 2014.

The motivations for crossing the VIP velvet rope are many - not least of all in peak season. It can be a perfect way to enjoy a bit of holiday luxury with the extra space and comfort that can be hard to find on a busy Pacha dance floor in peak season Ibiza.

VIP tables are not the distant impossibility they can seem from the middle of a sweaty dance floor – the luxury VIP experience is actually more affordable than it seems.

The ticket includes:

VIP entry – Roll past the queues like a stud.
VIP table area – minimum two, maximum ten people.
Drinks up to the value of the table included – the minimun is a table for two which is 400€, bottles start at 325€ and each bottle includes ten mixers.

Sometimes having your own space to come back to and keep together with your date or your group of mates is invaluable, especially in a club as large and labrynthine as Pacha!

When booking your VIP table, the booking must also be confirmed by Pacha, which normally takes about 48 hours – or at most three days. It's not for everyone, but the VIP experience can be a great way to make one night stand out, and give your self a taste of holiday luxury and exclusivity.

VIP tables for other Ibiza super clubs to be on sale soon. Buy tickets here.

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