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Snoop Dogg plays Ushuaïa for Hard Rock Hotel 2014 series

August 15th aint nothin but a Snoop thang...

Finally the highly anticipated Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza has begun to release information about the live artists they are bringing to the White Isle in 2014 – and the news is good! Are you laid back comfortably, sipping on your gin and juice?

Snoop Dogg is coming back to Ibiza! On Friday the 15th of August Snoop will be performing live as part of the new This is Hard Rock Hotel gig series. Whilst Hard Rock Hotel has its own stage of course, an artist as massive as Snoop needs a larger capacity stomping ground, and so Ushuaïa has kindly stepped in to play host.

The last time Ibiza clubbers were treated to rhymes from the braided rapper was 2011, and it's high time we had him back. He's had a bit of a sound and image make-over since then, and returns to us with a little less of the gangster hatin' and a little more of the Rastafarian peace and love, which is of course Ibiza to a tee. As part of Snoop's reincarnation (as he calls his transformation, and latest album) he's also ditched the canine title and climbed a couple of rungs up the food chain to Snoop Lion. Well the new name's not quite sticking like he planned, but his new music has connected with a whole market of new fans that will descend on Ushuaïa in droves to hear it live.

Whether you're a fan of the old rapping Dogg or the new rasta-singing Lion, you'd be mad to miss him bust out and spark up at Ushuaïa for Hard Rock Hotel, where the ladies will be dropping it like it's hot faster than the lads can say what's my name.

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