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Review: Savannah Opening Party

Front row seats for a famous Ibiza sunset.

The front row seats to the sunset are back in business and Savannah is the latest of Ibiza's sunset strip bars to officially open its doors for 2013. On Friday May 3rd we Spotlighters moseyed on down to the San Antonio coastline to enjoy a quintessential Ibicenco experience with a drink in each hand.

A new bar has been installed at the front of Savannah, serving as a smooth, whitewashed shrine to all things Gin (praise be!). We received our poisons in surprisingly giant glass goblets and whilst swimming through our G&T silos were filled in on Savannah's plans for Ibiza 2013.

Apart from a new design, Savannah has also made developments in its evening programs, with a whole host of new pre-parties to launch you into your night of clubbing. We can't talk about all of them yet, but you can at least start including an Ibiza Global Radio broadcast between 8 and 10 every Wednesday and a Pete Gooding set every Thursday in your party planning. Rumours of a Pacha Flower Power collaboration are also in the air…

The sun was nose-diving fast now so we relocated to the rocks to watch the climax of the daily show. Customary chill-out tunes wafted over our shoulders from the bar behind, the only place your mum's favourite, Enya, ever gets a good rinsing in Ibiza. The final fiery slice disappeared behind the horizon and the sun, sky and sea received the rousing applause they deserved. Most now turned their attention from sky gazing to socialising, as the beats kicked into action and Savannah began to properly fill up. We sipped on beverages, we nibbled on complimentary Hors d' oeuvres, we invented names and life stories for strangers walking past us and we shook our shoulders to tunes from Jason Bye, Jason Reid and Pete Gooding.

When we eventually extricated ourselves from the throng and traipsed inland, I made the mental note I will make a hundred times over during opening party period – I must come here as often as possible.

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