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Mason Collective are on cloud number nine at INNSiDE Ibiza

In conversation with the Mancunian trio dominating the underground scene.

After securing eight shows on Ibiza this summer, Mason Collective are speeding at full throttle in their own lane. The Mancunian trio made up of Adam Myles, Blair Suarez and Omar Guedar are best known for their distinct flair and high-energy Tech House sets.

The steezey ensemble are more than just DJs - they're a brand in their own right. With their own label imprint Whippin', sought-after MVSON parties and hefty touring schedule around the world, global domination of the underground scene seems on the cards for the ambitious outfit.

Somehow we managed to squeeze ourselves into their busy schedule and chat about all things Summer 2022, as well as what's in store next. Here's what went down when we met them on Rooftop 9 at INNSiDE by Melia Ibiza in San Antonio Bay.

Mason Collective | Rooftop 9 | INNSiDE by Melia Ibiza

Is this your first summer playing in Ibiza?

Omar (OG): "Our first summer playing properly."

Blair (BS): "Yeah, our first summer in Ibiza where we've played numerous shows one after the other. I've actually done two seasons out here, where I sold tickets for Zoo Project. Crazy."

… and now tonight's your eighth show of the season, wow!

You've had a couple dates for Defected at Eden. Compared to the usual DJs they book, you've been one of the more underground names on its line-ups.

Would you say you adapt your music to their crowds or do you just give them the full Mason Collective experience?

BS: "I think we do adapt to it, but with our own style still. I think wherever we go, we always kind of tailor towards the show, but keep our core energy at the same time."

Mason Collective | Rooftop 9 | INNSiDE by Melia Ibiza

OG: "Once you've got the crowd engaged, regardless of what party you're at, you can go ahead and do your thing."

BS: "I feel like Defected crowds are always quite receptive anyway. As long as you make them dance."

OG: "They just wanna party hard, don't they!"

Mason Collective | ANTS | Ushuaïa

ANTS at Ushuaïa then... You also played there on the smaller stage at the back right? It must've been great to get that party warmed up, as it's one of the biggest parties on the island.

You must be looking forward to playing the main stage there in the future? I reckon next year could be your time.

BS: "I think next year will be too, but I really enjoy playing the smaller stage. It's super intimate. The main stage is obviously great, but for me I like a more intimate setting."

OG: "There's more of a social element as well, like, you can talk to people. I think our style massively fit that stage, without us having to go too mainstage-ish."

So you'd kind of play different music and adapt if you were on the main stage?

OG: "Yeah, you have to!"

Mason Collective | Paradise | Amnesia by PHRANK

After that, your next party was Paradise at Amnesia. When did you find out you were going to play for Paradise and was that your first time playing there?

BS: "Our second."

OG: "Erm, no our fourth!"

BS: "Oh yes, we've played for ABODE twice on The Terrace and once for Pyramid in the Main Room."

OG: "I think we need some brain training 'cos I forgot about that." (laughs)

BS: "The last two years - it's all a blur, bro!"

Are you friends with Jamie Jones?

BS: "We had a Hottrax release years ago and, yeah, we're close with all the guys from Paradise. Jamie's always been someone we've looked up to. He's always backed us and played our music. So I think us playing for them was something that was always going to happen."

OG: "It's just timing for that one."

Has he ever given you any advice?

All: "Ummmm, not really." (laugh)

OG: "With Jamie, you don't really need to chat to him, you just kind of show the appreciation that he's there and he shows the same back. He's got the personality of a warm up DJ, it doesn't matter what he's achieved, he's just super humble."

BS: "Loco Dice has given us a lot of advice, even Richy Ahmed. To just keep on doing what we're doing to be honest."

OG: "It sounds cliche, but once you start building what you know and love and it works, the best advice is to just just keep doing it."

BS: "Yeah, just stay original. Dice and the Bros' have always told us to stay original. Keep making tracks, pushing them out and stick to our Mason vibe that got us here in the first place."

Mason Collective | Rooftop 9 | INNSiDE by Melia Ibiza

Next, the big one.

What was it like handing over to the Martinez Brothers at Ibiza? You guys kind of remind me of the Bros' in terms of your style of music as well as how you dress. Are they idols of yours?

BS: "We've played on the same line-up as them before, but never warming directly up for them, so that was new."

Adam Myles (AM): "It was probably the biggest show of the season for us.

Hï Ibiza's just been named the best club in the world, so it's a huge privilege to play there. We've looked up to the Bros' for as long as we can remember, since we first started getting into House music. They're DJs that we resonate with."

BS: "Though they're from the Bronx and we're from Manchester, as Adam says, we do identify with them."

Mason Collective | Rooftop 9 | INNSiDE by Melia Ibiza

Tonight your playing DC10, where you already played earlier this summer for Trick. This time it's Solid Grooves. What does it mean to you to be playing at this club?

BS: "Everything! If someone told us that we'd be closing DC10's main room a couple of years back we would've told them to shut up."

OG: "I think this as well, like, Solid Grooves is probably the hottest party on the island - it's epic. DC10 is kind of like an end goal for many, but we're ready for it. It's not overwhelming for us, we're just excited."

What's been each of your highlights of summer?

AM: "Our tour of United States. We made it to a few new cities we haven't been to before: Atlanta, Chicago, Miami and Denver again, Palm Springs… they were all huge shows as well."

Do u feel like Americans know more about their House music yet?

AM: "When we first started going, it seemed like they were lagging a bit, but most places have actually caught up.

A lot of people know their music and for those that don't, they're staying and enjoying it. They'll even come up to us at the end of a show and say 'we've never heard this music before but I'm interested, I wana hear more'.

So, yeah, it's good. It feels like they're definitely catching onto the underground scene."

Mason Collective | Rooftop 9 | INNSiDE by Melia Ibiza

So you threw your very own MVSON World party in Manchester this summer, how was it?

OG: "Epic. To be honest, it was pretty overwhelming for me.

Collectively, that was the beginning idea. You know when you first sit down, you've got a mood board and you don't think you're gonna get there and you do. There were about 3,500 people there. The location was just outside of the city in amazing grade II listed building or whatever, a castle in the middle of nowhere."

BS: "Where Peaky Blinders was filmed. A magical garden."

OG: "Yeah, Harry Potter did stuff there too."

AM: "The energy was good, crowd was amazing, andthe weather was good too.

OG: "We've been going to festivals like Secret Garden Party, even Global Gathering back in the day. Our brains have gained so much inspiration from all these different events and it just came together so well."

What have u got planned for winter?

AM: "Back to North and South America and Dubai. It's actually our first South American tour, we're super excited."

Wow, you guys are literally in a different country every day. How do you balance your working life with your own down time. Do you ever just get to chill?

OG: "Days feel like hours. When you're in it, you just go with it. We're at that stage where everything matters. When you do clock out you're still thinking about everything. It's important to try and separate life and work but this is our life you know."

BS: "Living the dream."

Mason Collective | Defected | Eden by Mario Pinta

If you didn't get to catch them this summer on the island, Mason Collective have just announced an epic Halloween MVSON party on Saturday 29 October at 93 Feet East in Shoreditch, London. Tickets are available now.

Trust us when we say that they're the next big blowouts on the scene. Their unique sound and style demands to be heard. Get on board now or have it thrust upon later - your choice!

PHOTOGRAPHY | by Peter Young, PHRANK and Mario Pinta

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