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It's time for The Last Hurrah this weekend at Pikes Ibiza

It's not over until the blonde lady sings...

This weekend marks the date when the annual closing parties would be reaching a crescendo, wrapping up the season in a joyous afterglow. Sadly, it wasn't quite meant to be this year.

However, one institution that kept the flame alive all season has been San Antonio's Pikes Hotel. Freddy's may have remained closed, but outside the music never stopped.

Pikes' poolside sessions and evening soirées have ensured that the legend continues, despite the adverse circumstances.

The night of Saturday 10 October sees the appropriately titled Last Hurrah, where all the season's DJs and entertainers have been invited back.

Pamela's will be turned into a musical diner, featuring burgers, pizzas, fries and cocktails. Catch Andy Baxter, Willie Graff, Milou, Cici, Guy Williams and Lex Wolf all play on rotation, with cabaret from the sultry Blondewearingblack.

Of course, that's no quite it. This is Ibiza and this is Pikes after all! The last Pikes On Sunday poolside session takes place the day after.

Hosted by The Brothers Grimm and kicking off at midday on Sunday 11 October, you can also catch seasoned pros Ryan O' Gorman, Andy Wilson, David Phillips and Jon Woodall spinning the tunes.

Plus, let's not forget the last Sunday roast of the summer - booking essential.

With Pikes' legendary Halloween shindig on hiatus for 2020, this is formally the last roll of the dice for the hedonistic bolt-hole.

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