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Ibiza Spotlight Weekly News 2020 ep09

This week we're on board IBI, the ocean clean-up boat, which sails every day to clean plastics from Ibiza's coastal waters. We also look at activities you can enjoy that are good for you and the island.

Hi everyone, I'm Katie Knight and welcome back to Ibiza Spotlight News. Today we are going to be covering the renowned, stunning beauty of Ibiza, with a special focus on the people who work really, really hard to keep it that way. So today, alongside Julian, who is the eco expert at Ibiza Spotlight, we are on the iBi Foundation boat, which is an ocean clean-up project, to spend a lovely day out at sea and to assist them in retrieving floating plastic to keep the seas around Ibiza as clean as possible.

Everyday Luis is at the helm of this yacht, which is totally carbon emission free. We've got four volunteers onboard to help scoop up all of the plastic trails we can find, with specially designed nets. So, coming up now, Julian is going to have a chat with Luis to find out a little bit more…

Julian: Firstly, Luis, thank you very much for having us on board the iBi boat today.

Luis: Thanks to you too.

Julian: So, my first question, what is the main objective of the iBi boat?

Luis: Firstly, the main objective of the iBi boat is to collect plastic form the sea, as much as possible, and secondly, I think, to raise awareness with the people who come, and they see all the plastic we find.

Julian: So, how do you collect the plastic?

Luis: We start sailing in the morning and try to find plastic trails. Plastic trails depend on wind and currents, you have to be alert and always looking at the horizon.

Julian: So, how many kilos on average do you collect, each day, of plastic?

Luis: Well, this also depends on the wind and currents. On a good day we can return with 20kg of plastic and some days we come back without any.

Julian: How do you go about being a volunteer?

Luis: You have to write via the website of iBi Foundation and let them know you would like to volunteer.

Julian: Thank you very much.

IbizaPreservation is another sustainability outfit that helps protect the land and sea of Ibiza and Formentera. Their main projects are Plastic Free Ibiza and Posidonia protection, the seagrass that keeps our waters so crystal clear. This delicate ecosystem is believed to be over 200 thousand years old and provides an important sanctuary for marine biodiversity. Its preservation is absolutely essential.

You can help by donating to support the work of both iBi Foundation and IbizaPreservation, even if it's a small amount, every little bit helps.

For those that wish to leave few footprints when visiting Ibiza, know that there are a wealth of sustainable activities for you to enjoy that are good for both you and the island.

From solar-powered catamarans, to Stand Up Paddle boarding, to kayaking - it's easy to enjoy the water, whilst making a minimal impact. On land, there's guided walking and running tours, plus electric and manual bicycle hire. Our page of eco-friendly businesses has all these options there for you to embrace, the next time you visit Ibiza and Formentera.

A big thank you for watching. You can find all the details on everything I've spoken about during this video ion the description below. Follow us on social media for updates and we will see you next week. Bye!

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