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The Ocean Clean-up Project needs your help

Please give generously...

Another great conservation project close to our hearts here at Ibiza Spotlight is the iBi Foundation's Ocean Clean-up Project.

Having seen, first-hand, the scourge of non-biodegradable plastic pollution in the waters around our islands, Dutch sailors Joke and Ed pledged to do their bit to tackle the growing problem. They created the iBi Foundation, dedicated to sailing the islands in a solar powered catamaran, equipped with a unique clean-up system, to rid the waters of floating plastics.

The Foundation is named after its boat, iBi, with a sole mission to protect our vulnerable marine wildlife. The crew of iBi and the Foundation's volunteers have already cleared away a plethora of waste and plastic from the sea around Ibiza and rescued distressed marine animals, trapped in plastic materials.

In order to continue this important work, the Foundation is looking to raise €20,000 to keep iBi afloat for another year. We realise that these are difficult times for many, but we ask that you please donate, whatever you can afford, to help this wonderful cause.

This year is going to be one of recuperation for the islands and a chance to reset the table for a more sustainable use of our delicate marine environments in the future. Please help, if you can, to provide a safe and happy home for our wonderful marine life - no matter how small the donation.

If you cannot afford to donate, please be conscious of the damage that non-biodegradable plastics cause to all environments - not just to the beaches and waters of Ibiza. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

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