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Ibiza Coronavirus Update (4) 5-6-2020

So far, so good.

Updated 8th of June, 2020. Remember to visit our Corona Virus thread in the Forums, which is updated with more info on a daily basis, including party and travel news.

The national state of alarm in Spain persists until 21 June.

For up to date ticket/party information please visit our update (1) here.

After 2 weeks of relative freedom and a slow return to something resembling social normality, there has been no increase in Covid-19 contagion here on the Ibiza nor the Balearic Islands in general. 16 patients still remain hospitalised by the virus here on Ibiza, but there has been only 1 mild new case recorded over the past three days and no fatalities since our last update.

In general, the social distancing measures have been well observed by the local population and masks have become compulsory on public transport or in situations where a 2m distance cannot be maintained. Nevertheless, during this period, some beaches have had to be temporarily closed when the numbers of visitors have meant that social distancing measures could no longer be maintained

On Monday 8 June we will be entering Phase 3 of the government's planned de-escalation of the lockdown measures (see details below). The most important change for many will be the chance to visit friends and family on our fellow Balearic Islands - inter-island flights and ferries will reopen to the public at last. There are certainly many people desperate to head over to Formentera for the chance to enjoy some delightfully deserted beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Our list of businesses that are open continues to grow. Although it is no longer definitive, it does give good indication of what is generally happening on the island. But, of course, there is still no real nightlife to speak of. Yet!

  • Beaches have fully reopened for recreational swimming and sunbathing, with 2m social distancing.
  • Shops will be able to open up to 50% of their sales area, with the wearing of masks compulsory
  • Restaurants and bars can now open up to 75% of their inside dining area, as well as 75% of their outside terrace capacity, with inside standing reintroduced where a 2m distance can be ensured. Pre-booking is still advisable.
  • Hotels are permitted to reopen 60% of their communal areas. Although, very few are likely to participate during this phase, in the absence of tourists. Some small boutique and agritourism hotels are starting to reopen.
  • Sport. Individual exercise permitted, and non-contact sports events, including indoor but without a spectating audience. Sport installations and gyms can open with 60% of their area (max. 20 people, without physical contact), the use of the changing rooms and showers is permitted again.
  • Public swimming pools can open up to 40% capacity for individual sport, but with prior appointment only.
  • Marketplaces are allowed to increase their capacity to 50% of the normal number of stalls
  • Museums, cinemas and cultural events, with 50% capacity and social distancing regulations
  • Social groups at home and outside, of up to 20 people, but excluding vulnerable ones and those with symptoms. Weddings of up to 150 people in the open air or 75 indoors (or up to a maximum of 75% interior capacity). Funeral congregations of up to 50 persons outside and 25 inside.
  • Nautical leisure activities can recommence.

If all continues to go well during the next two weeks, we will, hopefully, move to Phase 4 and what is being mooted as the ‘new normal'. When that happens, national tourism will resume, and we shall be receiving our first influx of new visitors from off the islands. That will be our first true test…

Meanwhile, please let us not forget those whose lives will have been permanently affected by the indirect effects of the virus. Many island residents and businesses still face incredible challenges, uncertainty and hardship during the months ahead.

If you would like to help ease the plight of the most seriously in need, please make a generous donation to the Ibiza Food Bank initiative, who are raising funds to feed families on our own neighbourhood. Every euro would be very gratefully received and will go directly to buying food.

To the best of our knowledge, this information is correct at the moment of writing, but is subject to change at any time.

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