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Ibiza Coronavirus Update (1) 22-04-2020

We miss you.

Updated 22nd May, 2020. Remember to visit our Corona Virus thread in the Forums, which is updated with more info on a daily basis, including party and travel news.

The national state of alarm in Spain persists until 7 June.

Plan to end lockdown

The Spanish Government announced on 28th April, a plan to end the lockdown over a period of approximately 2 months, divided into 4 phases. Each phase relaxes the rules a bit further. The phases can be delayed on a regional basis, depending on how the infection rate continues.

What does this mean for Ibiza?

This information is correct to the best of our knowledge. As we learn more we are updating constantly. The dates below are in a best-case scenario.

Theoretically, international travel could be allowed by the end of June, assuming that the country from which people are flying from shows a similar decline in the infection rate. We suspect this will probably only come into effect for national travel.

See our latest article: Coronavirus update 3 to see the lockdown situation in Ibiza as of 22nd May.

Event cancellations

Events in May and most events in June have been cancelled. This is clearly marked next to each event in our Party Calendar with CANCELLED. As we receive notification from the organizers of the events, we update the calendar and cancel and refund the tickets.


Ibiza Spotlight have always offered a full, 100% refund policy for any cancellations and whenever we receive a cancellation notice from a club or promoter, we automatically refund all tickets for that event and send you an email confirmation of this. You don't have to do anything.

If you have already purchased tickets for events later in the season, you can personally manage your refunds in My orders - simply follow the instructions in your purchase confirmation email. And if you wish to wait a bit and see how things develop later in the season, you can do so with no risk as you can cancel at any time.

Will the season be extended?

There are many companies on the island investigating the possibility of extending the Ibiza season until mid-November – including moving some of the early season festivals and events to later dates. However, this will all depend on availability of flights.

We can't wait to see you here, whenever that may be. Ibiza is waiting...

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