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Ibiza workers in the spotlight | Courtney Faulkner

Booking Assistant at Solid Grooves.

Our Ibiza workers' series delves into the professional side of Ibiza life, to bring us an insight into what it's like to hold down a job on this crazy island.

When all we see is the DJ in the booth, it's easy to forget about the people behind the scenes making our favourite parties happen. Without a team of dedicated people running the show from behind the stage, Ibiza's nightlife might look very different.

This week's worker in the spotlight is Courtney Faulkner. She's responsible for Solid Grooves bookings, the tech house record label that holds Privilege's hugely popular Sunday night residency in Vista Club.

Following a successful year working as a PR for the party in her first season, Courtney was promoted and bagged herself the role of booking assistant at Prime Culture Agency.

The agency is behind the likes of Solid Grooves' founder Michael Bibi, as well as firm favourites Dennis Cruz and PAWSA, who form a large part of the Grooves' family.

Courtney Faulkner, 24, United Kingdom
Booking Assistant, Solid Grooves

How many seasons have you done?

“This is my second season working here, but I've been coming to the island since 2015. I knew I wanted to spend all my summers here ever since.”

What does a typical day in your job entail?

“No day is the same, that's all I can say. In the week I work a lot from my laptop; drafting up contracts for the agency, helping with logistics, booking flights and anything else the Groovers might need.

At the weekends, it's all about Solid Sundays at Privilege. I'll usually be out and about with the PR Manager and flyering team in San Antonio from Friday to Sunday.

On Sunday we start the evening on the Sunset Strip for the pre-party we hold at Savannah. Afterwards, it's onto Privilege to listen to those groovy baselines until the sun rises in the distance.

Maybe after, we'll move onto the infamous Solid Grooves villa after party, if there's one on the cards.”

How did you get into this job role?

"I started off working on the PR team for Solid Grooves in San Antonio, where I did extremely well in getting the most people into the event most weeks. But I had made it known to the management that I was really serious about wanting a job in the industry.

After a lot of hard work, persistence and time building a relationship with the guys, they very fortunately promoted me to be their Booking Assistant. Eleven months down the line, I'm still in the role and enjoying every minute. I still pinch myself every day.”

What's your track of the summer?

Lil' Yachty feat. Lil' Baby | YSL (The Martinez Brothers Re-Edit)

What do you like to do on your day off?

“During the day, I love taking myself off to a beach. Cala Conta is one of my favourites. Then in the evening I like to take a trip to Ibiza Town for some shopping, paella and sangria.”

What would be your top workers tip?

"Make sure you manage your money well, otherwise you'll be catching an early flight home when you can't afford to pay your rent!

If you're coming to Ibiza to progress in a particular field, work REALLY hard. There's a lot of competition in Ibiza. A lot of people want the same thing, so you need to stand out.

Ibiza is a huge platform with lots of opportunities to meet the right people that you might not get as easily at home. Network, be persistent and it will pay off."

Tell us your favourite Ibiza story.

“I would say all the best stories come from the Solid Grooves villa last year. I don't think anything will ever beat it. It's where I met some of my best Ibiza friends and listened to some of the best music I've ever heard in my life.

From Dennis Cruz converting his Jeep into the temporary sound system until the decks arrived, to eating home-cooked paella with Richy Ahmed mid-set.

There was even an occasion when the legend Dennis Ferrer turned up to play some beats and cut some shapes - they're the most random memories that I'll never forget."

Catch Courtney and the Groover team getting around San Antonio over the weekends promoting Solid Sundays. With the end of the season fast approaching, you won't want to miss their final few parties down at Privilege's Vista club.

You can find line-ups and tickets for the last few dates below.

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