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HEART Ibiza rocked its opening party

Back for its fifth year.

Even though HEART Ibiza has been open for several select dates throughout the low season, it has now opened its doors officially, ready to celebrate its fifth anniversary.

Admittedly having never been to HEART before, I was intrigued to find out what the fuss was about. Yet as expected, the art, music and gastronomy fusion delivered on the night.

The venue oozes a sort of opulence from the outside to the inside, a characteristic one does not find in every club. Surrounding the entrance was a selection of giant candy canes and sweets which made for a sweet start to the night.

We were greeted by several beautiful women in black floor-length dresses and doormen in suits. Inside, a plethora of characters await. Some women are in sequined dresses and 4-inch heels, others more relaxed in shorts and sandals. I felt instantly at ease.

The heart of HEART is its ability to provide a first-class club night but still retain its unique touch of class. It's a place where lavish chandeliers, mirrored walls and gold decor make even going to the restroom a pleasant experience.

It has something mysterious about it and it's not just the fascinating aura of the tarot card reader situated on the roof terrace. Plenty of areas are available to explore and each room is as captivatingly decorated as the next.

The music:

Nico Stojan played us out until 15:00 where we enjoyed the likes of Hypnotic by General Freak and Awen & Floyd Lavine's Kusimma.

The deeper sound of Mental Illusion by Pegoland & Polydrum could be heard towards the back end of the set, closing it with an atmospheric tone.

A distinctly more tribal vibe was brought to us next by HEART fave Guy Laliberté. The drum sounds of Grace in Space's Mantle and Vumani by Osvaldo Beatz & Breyth switch the crowd into a funkier mood.

Other notable tunes were Michele Buran's Reasons and Marcus Meinhardt's Night Train which resumed the deep house

The mirrored surfaces reflected the strobes around the room making the venue appear much larger than it might first seem. Huge floor to ceiling graphics on either wall also gave the room movement. You feel physically surrounded by the music not just hearing it.

Having never been to HEART, I welcomed the opportunity to experience a new venue and catch DJs that I'd never even heard of. But I didn't expect to connect with the club as much as did.

It's not only a club but an entirely hedonistic experience. And it goes to show that stepping out of your comfort zone often makes for the best nights.

Now that HEART is officially open, you can experience it for yourself. Its summer programme is remarkable with Bedouin Presents Saga on Sundays, Heart Factory with many incredible takeovers on Tuesdays or, if you fancy something a little more out there, check out the flamboyant LGBQT party La Troya on Wednesdays plus many more

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