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A life-changing summer as an Ibiza Spotlight intern

Intern Kane looks back at his first Ibiza season.

Where do you begin when putting together words describing a whole season working on Ibiza? I will try but bear with me.

It started in Manchester Airport, all packed and ready with not a single pair of jeans, long trousers or a jumper in sight. It was a telling sign of my naivety before embarking on such a summer.

You can try to prepare as much as you can. The Ibiza Spotlight forum is always a great place to start, and it helped me understand a little more about a working season before I even booked my flight. But get ready to have your preconceptions shattered in a hazy mist of guestlist quests, new friends and super-strength West End cocktails.

Having made it through – mostly unscathed – I can hopefully impart some first-season wisdom to those of you thinking about heading out to Ibiza next year. If you do, please pack at least one pair of jeans.

If music is what you're after, then look no further

Ibiza is the only holiday destination I have ever thought about in my adult life. The memories I've made on the island's dance floors, beaches or wherever there's music has fuelled an addiction that can only be satisfied in the summer.

There's every kind of music on any given day on Ibiza. Seek and you will find (the party calendar makes it all a little easier…)

Whether it's seeing some Louie Vega mastery-at-work at Glitterbox or DJ Tennis playing what can only be described as the set of the summer in the DC10 garden, this season has opened my mind to a whole other world of beats.

Interviewing Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago - this isn't your regular coffee making internship

Some nights will surprise you. Too often people can be caught up in prejudices stemmed from their home culture. Remember this - out here, everyone is different. Respect what each person likes and understand why. It's not cool to be a music snob, no matter how underground it may seem.

If you love music before coming to Ibiza, you will be obsessed with it when you leave. Instead of just bringing home a bottle of duty-free Hierbas and a five-month hangover, take with you as much music as possible, from whichever genre you enjoy.

It's a marathon, not a sprint, but be prepared to run fast

It's a timeless adage expressed by clubbing boss Stivi on more than one occasion – and with good reason. It can be too easy to get caught in an Ibiza whirlwind of party delights and clubbing crusades from sunset to sunrise, and then all over again.

Throughout the summer there will always be more than one party to go to and myriad DJs to listen to. For sure, say yes to as much as you can, but summer is longer than you think. Take care of your body and mind.

I was lucky enough to be a part of a clubbing marathon like no other, where the Spotlight clubbing team and I took on 12 clubs in 12 hours. Now that's an extreme, but on Ibiza, it can be done - as we proved, but perhaps don't recommend on a weekly basis.

During your first season especially, it can be difficult. Your home comforts are few and far between and so staying in can be a challenge. Without sounding like a concerned parent, try to find a balance and develop healthier habits like reading and exercising. Ibiza's party culture can be unforgiving. Don't be the first person to book a flight home.

Without sounding contradicting, be open to everything with everyone. Dance floors, bars, beaches and the island's best after-hour spot outside WIPS are all filled with wonderful characters from all corners of the earth. Every time you talk to someone you learn about them and why they are here. In turn, that truly makes you a better person.

Don't say yes to everything, but don't say no to anything. Those last-minute decisions always turn out for the best. You know what I mean.

In the end, it will all work out

Trust me on this one: there'll be at least one moment during the season where everything will feel overwhelming. You meet so many people, you make so many memories and you understand yourself so much more each day.

Take time to pause and reflect. There will be bad moments - as little as they come - but nevertheless still bad moments. There'll be a time when you're skint, tired (which is all the time!) and have a body composition one part water and two parts Aioli, but none of that matters when you're watching the sun setting over San Antonio, sailing past the beauty of Es Vedrá rock or listening to Solomun play some of the finest tunes on this planet.

Once it's over, it's over. Be sure you've filled up on the many memorable flavours Ibiza has. Soon you'll wake up from the dream to a tasteless Burger King value meal in the airport. Next year, without a doubt, you'll be hungry for more.

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Interested in becoming the next Ibiza Spotlight intern, head here for more details on how to apply.

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