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Love shines at Destino with Adam Beyer & Ida Engberg

Back-to-back matrimonial harmony as Drumcode's bosses link up in the DJ booth for the penultimate Destinomakers.

Destino's decision to mix things up this summer has meant not only a wider range of artists gracing the stunning Cap Martinet venue but also a greater variety of music showcased with Destinomakers. No two parties have been the same. It's a refreshing trend that would continue into last night's event.

Adam Beyer has certainly got about in 2018. The Drumcode boss has played all over the island. Stops at Privilege, Amnesia, his unannounced appearance at Hï this past Tuesday, plus Pacha, Ushuaïa and DC10 alongside his wife has kept him busy.

Ida Engberg, too, has managed to cram a lot of dates into her season. Aside from the above, notable outings for both elrow, Cocoon and Cosmic Pineapple has meant that she is level-pegging with her husband.

Unsurprisingly, with few exceptions, the majority of Adam Beyer's appearances have seen him featured on the line-up with artists of a similar mould - dark, industrial techno. On this occasion, the promise of a beautiful, open-air setting meant the dynamic was liable to change. And that it did.

setting the tone

Earlier in the day, first La Fleur and latterly Butch had laid the foundations for tonight's hosts. La Fleur - a fellow Swede - not strictly a Drumcode artist, but a producer who has released on sister-label Truesoul.

The Labyrinth resident looked totally at ease warming-up the early arrivals. Although the mood amongst spectators was very much chilled-out and typified by conversation, it didn't stop La Fleur from exploring an interesting array of tones.

Pockets of dancers gradually began to emerge, before she passed controls over to Butch.

Ever the versatile selector, Butch manoeuvred his set through funk-infused, disco-tinged odysseys and soaring melodic tracks with dexterous ease. The wide variety was reflective of one of house music's most endearing personalities. By now, Destino had filled.

Overall, it was a rousing set that succeeded in coercing any reluctant participants to the dance floor - Job done. Time had arrived for Adam & Ida to come together.

music for the lovers

The Beyers have adopted Ibiza as their home. Not only do they share the island's affinity for underground electronic music, but their environmentally conscious outlook and spiritual ethos also aligns with that of this magical isle.

In the booth, the chemistry exudes between the couple. Every now and then they break from concentration to exchange a mutually adoring look. A look that paints a vivid picture of pride and loving family life.

Maybe it was the presence of Ida next to him, playing muse and pushing her man to tread different ground? Maybe he felt more comfortable deviating from the script next to his life partner? Or maybe they were both simply inspired by Destino's location?

We suspect it was a combination of all those factors, running parallel with a discerning good-looking, but the excitable crowd who reacted to everything Adam & Ida threw at them.

One track that has been heard in bars across the island this summer, but seldom at the super-clubs finally got an outing - and it was a fitting moment. Meandering and hypnotic, Solee's masterpiece felt like the ideal selection for the time and place.

As things darted into darker, more familiar territory the passionate crowd were unafraid to go with our protagonists' lead. In a testament to the intrinsic understanding between our back-to-back pair, the music switched between heavy-hitter and more melodic numbers seamlessly.

By now darkness had thoroughly fallen. Though we had gotten so caught up in the moment, we'd scarcely noticed.

Despite a mere 16-days remaining of Ibiza 2018, the calendar again throws-up a Beyer b2b Engberg love-in on Friday 12 October at Labyrinth. On the back of this evidence, that is a ride we look forward to experiencing again.


Looking ahead, the final Destinomakers party takes place a week today on Friday 5 October. Although it is plain that the music style will flip once again, one constant is guaranteed: with Dixon and Solomun in charge of affairs, we'll be gorging on another musical delight.

No romantic relationship on this occasion, but a professional and creative relationship with a track record that points to one eventuality. Destino's Closing Party bears all of the hallmarks of becoming an instant classic.

Few dates can genuinely be considered unmissable. But the promise of the Innervisions and Diynamic camps coming together with their head music aficionados at the helm is always a salivating prospect.

Much like Adam & Ida, you can be sure whether by inspiration - or perhaps a touch of one-upmanship - the combination of Solomun & Dixon equates to an incredible aural experience.

On the island next week? You can join Solomun and Dixon along for the ride. Info and tickets can be found below.

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