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Top 10 trance tracks from SHINE

Big tunes from euphoric DJ sets as a new trance party opens up at Privilege on Mondays.

A new place of worship for trance heads has been established at the world's biggest nightclub. As was clear from the opening last night, SHINE at Privilege is all set to bring together some of the world's biggest trance DJs weekly at the Vista Club.

At the beginning of the season, trance lovers and more were wondering what would happen to trance music in Ibiza. We didn't have to wait long for the news, fortunately.

Paul van Dyk kept hope in the hearts of trance heads by posting a photo of himself standing outside Ibiza airport, pointing to something new on the horizon. And so it was.

For its first date of the summer, SHINE set the stage for a grand opening and season with Alex Ryan, Will Atkinson and Ben Nicky, as well as the man himself Paul van Dyk.

Slamming out tunes, they gave it to the ravers who had come from around the globe to reach for the lasers and sing their hearts out once again. Trance euphoria is safely back on Ibiza.

We headed down to check out which tunes were lighting up the Vista Club dance floor. Here is the lowdown on what SHINE brings to Privilege. Dive in.

Ayla - Ayla (Ben Nicky & Luke Bond Remix)

British DJ and producer Ben Nicky definitely pulls in the crowds with his unique brand of dance music. Onstage his brimming energy matched the crowd's excitement. He rewarded us with this remix of an ultimate trance classic.

The Killers - Mr Brightside (Scott Bond vs Liam Wilson Remix)

The crowd in attendance at SHINE was a mix, mainly die-hard trance ravers who didn't stop dancing for one moment as well as a few holidaying clubbers who were having just as much fun. This Mr Brightside remix struck a chord and had everyone chanting back the chorus wholeheartedly. Nice.


03:00 signalled the beginning of Paul van Dyk's set. As he approached the DJ booth people reached out to touch him on the shoulder or shake his hand. That's one of those things you can admire about the trance scene the most: it's a community that loves and is devoted to the artists that represent it.

Ahmet Atasever feat. Monty Wells — Trading Halos (Sunset Dub)

PvD kept the momentum going with tunes like this one. The high octane synths raised the levels in the Vista Club, pounding through the crisp Funktion One sound system. The elevation on the dance floor was met with a blast of confetti cannons, as PvVD continued into his next masterful mix.

Paul Van Dyk - Shine Ibiza Anthem 2018

This was as much interesting to hear as to realise that PvD himself has produced a track especially for the SHINE itself. It goes to show the German superstar's commitment to this Ibiza project. This tune is truly an anthem by name and nature.

Gareth Emery ft Lucy Saunders - Sanctuary

From a personal perspective, SHINE also adds an element of nostalgia. Sanctuary by Gareth Emery, for example, was a song dear to electronic music fans and warmed my heart to hear it, bringing us back to memories of past parties. I think most of the Vista Club dance floor shared the feeling.

The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia (Alex M.O.R.P.H. remix)

Progressing through his set, Paul van Dyk continued to take the crowd through a journey of trance tracks that still perfectly suited in an Ibiza set. The remixer of Synaesthesia himself, Alex M.O.R.P.H. will be playing on Monday 6 August and 17 September bringing his Universal Nation sound to Privilege. Both of these dates need to go in our diaries.


The look of the Vista Club had been kitted out especially for SHINE. Massive LED screens served as the centre stage, projecting out colourful and futuristic visuals. Multicoloured lasers shone across the dance floor as flickering strobes illuminated the raving crowd. As far as production goes, the SHINE team has gone the whole way to make the party not only sound but also look its best, too.

Paul Van Dyk feat Johnny McDaid - Home (PVD Club Mix)

As Paul van Dyk ended his set he played out the anthemic For An Angel, which the crowd met with cheers and claps. Groups of friends were hugging each other and smiling as the beautiful melodies washed over them. Then PvD dropped in one last banger in the form of Home, which had the crowd waving their hands and glowsticks in the air once more. So much love.

lostly - by morning you'll be gone

Resident Alex Ryan then stepped onto the stage, beaming as he took over control of the decks. His set really kept the tempo where it needed to be at that point in the night: fast and hard. His opening track really set the tone, a great way to conclude the party.

SHINE runs until Monday 17 September so there is plenty of time to see a whole host of fantastic trance talent. Huge names like Aly & Fila, Bryan Kearney, Simon Patterson, Cosmic Gate, Neelix, Grum, The Thrillseekers, Project 8, Andy Moor, Lange and many more will make sure trance is safe on Ibiza this summer.

You know where to go for your trance fix. The Vista Club dance floor is where it's at. Full line-up details and tickets below.

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